Server Room


Server Room is a Location in The Surge.


Server Room Information

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Server Room Enemies

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Server Room Items/Weapons/Gear


Server Room Walkthrough

Use the Contact Station to acquire the Audiolog: FAILSAFE PROTOCOL 00:03:12. Then pick up the Audiolog: Part of the Machine. There is an Overcharge (10) power conduit here that deactivates the lockdown and allows access to the weapon: MG Centurion in the Operations Base. There is also an Overcharge (85) power conduit that contains 2 Nano Core and on the floor nearby is some upgrade materials. Head back up and defeat the two guards protecting the large doors and head inside. Once finished head back outside and defeat the couple enemies there. Defeat the powerful enemy at the far end and you will receive the Implant: SNS Disinhibitor v.4. Head into the elevator to Nucleus.


Server Room Tips/Notes

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    • Anonymous

      There's a "Hold E to Inspect" kinda thing next to the server near the nano core conduit, but when I pressed it, nothing happens. Is it a bug or have I missed something?

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