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Ancillary Core is an Implant in The Surge.


Ancillary Core Details

Increases Core Power.

"CREO Exo Rigs are designed for flexibility. They come factory-equipped with enough implant slots to accomodate thousands of possible configurations, but sometimes you just need more power! Proper use of supervisor-approved Ancillary Cores can enable employees to customize their Rig's loadout to overcome even the most difficult challenges.”


Ancillary Core Location/ Where to find


Ancillary Core XL Location/ Where to find


Ancillary Core Notes & Tips

  • The primary purpose of this implant is to allow you to equip Armor or implants that you lack the Core Power to fully equip.
  • Has a secondary benefit of slightly boosting Health and Stamina.
  • Does not allow you to Overcharge circuits that are higher than your base Core Power.
  • Both the standard and XL variants sell for quite a lot of scrap - once you figure out how to easily kill Bloodhounds in the Biolabs, they can be farmed for 1300 scrap each and then you can scrap their implant for an addition 1000 scrap apiece.
  • Security Bloodhounds are quite a bit more dangerous to kill, but they can be farmed for 2300 scrap and their implants scrapped for 2000 each.





Fitting Cost

Ancillary Core +5 Core Power 0
Ancillary Core XL +9 Core Power 0


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    • Anonymous

      Too bad they didn’t make an upgraded version of this with the DLC, would have been nice when you get the security rig again and jump up to 22 slots, now it’s farming for days to fill those slots with end game implants that cost 12-40 core

      • Anonymous

        The ancillary core XL is dropped by cutting the tail of silver/white bloodhound robots like the one that spawns along with security guards in the Central Production B arrival train station, though I haven't seen anything in the wiki about those.

        • Anonymous

          Just so anyone who is wondering knows, no, having these equipped does not work towards the level requirement for overcharging cicuits.

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