Asclepius build is a build for The Surge. Builds are custom kits of items and attributes that have a unique playstyle to those specifications.



bonfire   Wearing a full set of Asclepius gear increases healing of Medi-Voltaic implants by 50%, while decreasing energy costs by 15%. In addition to that, attacks restore health while energy is full and such implants are equiped.

For the second bonus, the more energy you generate, the more health you gain per attack. That been said, if energy is full and you need to heal, the best option is to just use the Medi-Voltaic Injection...


first_aid_station_icon    Healing

Obviously, the Medi-Voltaic Injection is going to be the supportive healing source of this build. Getting 150 health per injection for 24 energy is awesome.



Staff    Gears and Weapons

Because of the reduction of stamina consumption on the body gear, using the highly stamina consuming Heavy-duty and Single-rigged weapons is a lot easier.

The arm gears increases the impact by 20% and the attack speed by 10%.

With this build, you will change the implants Concusive and Velocity Array, depending on the weapon you want to use.

Concusive Array :
- Staves : Impact reach +60% with the two bonuses. Which is the maximum needed for the Spitfire Rod & Peacekeeper. Those two with high impact and +10% ASPD are really good.

Velocity Array :
- Heavy-duty & Single-rigged weapons : Highest ASPD possible for those weapons and (very) high impact.
- Twin-rigged weapons : With the +20% impact bonus from the arm gears, those with low base impact will reach medium impact and have an incredible ASPD.



CorePowerConsumption    Progression of the build by Core Power



Ancillary Core XL
Three Vital Boost v.5
Two Vital Injection v.3
Medi-Voltaic Injection v.5
Endurance Enhancer v.5
Vanadium E-Cell v.1 and v.3
Rig Capacitor XL
Concusive Array v.3 / Velocity Array v.3
Voltaic Dynamo v.1


CP85 +9

Ancillary Core XL
Three Vital Boost v.5
Two Vital Injection v.5
Medi-Voltaic Injection v.5
Endurance Enhancer v.5
Gyro-Stabilizer v.2
Pneumatic Calibrator v.4
Vanadium E-Cell v.5
Rig Capacitor XL
Concusive Array v.3 / Voltaic Dynamo v.3
Voltaic Dynamo v.2


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