The Nano Ward build set is a build for The Surge. Builds are custom kits of items and attributes that have a unique playstyle to those specifications.



bonfire   "Wearing a full set of Nano Ward gear reduces stamina costs for blocking and executes a nano explosion with perfectly timed blocks."

The general idea behind this build is, obviously, to make the most of blocking.



Singlerigged   Weapons and Gears

The weapon types having the most frames for "perfectly timed block" (PTB), are the Single-rigged and Heavy-duty weapons. The last one doesn't have an interesting riposte moveset, so the Single-rigged weapons are the best to use with the Nano Ward set.

The weapons that dealt the most damage during my tests, were the one with the highest value of thrust damage.

The body gear increases the stamina consumption by 5%. Because of that, attacking with a Single-rigged weapon consume a lot of stamina.
Respecting the timing for the combos is really important.



first_aid_station_icon   Healing

The best supportive healing source I found was the Medi-Voltaic Injection. With the Red X-Cables, it cost 22 energy.

Directly linked to the energy generation, it is important to mention this implant :

Kinetic-Converter v.3 : Blocking a hit from a Twin-rigged weapon generate 6 energy. 12 for One-handed and Staff. 18 for Heavy-duty and Single-rigged (can depend on the attack blocked).
The implant stacks, so triple the numbers when three are equiped.

By just blocking an attack, enough energy should be generated to use the Medi-Voltaic Injection v.5.
Note : PTB does not increases the energy gain.



CorePowerConsumption   Build

CP85 +18

Two Ancillary Core XL
Three Vital Boost v.5
Two Vital Injection v.5
Medi-Voltaic Injection v.5 (cost 22 energy)
Endurance Enhancer v.5
Three Kinetic Converter v.3
Velocity Array v.3
Red X-Cables

Velocity Array : this build does not need ASPD at the begining of an encounter. And only one block is needed to activate the Velocity Array (maybe not against Twin-rigged).



npc_icon   Gameplay

After a PTB, the ennemy will get staggered. The best way to riposte is to use R2 and finish the combo (no combo on arms).
However, if you miss the timing, the best option is to use R1. The riposte R1 is really fast and the stagger is guaranteed. But the riposte R1 canno't combo.
You have few second to trigger a riposte. So don't rush your riposte and look carefully what is the best counter-attack you can land.



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