npc_icon  <Build Name>

This is where you'll write a brief synopsis on what the purpose of this build is. Perhaps you'll talk about what it's supposed to accomplish, like if its a tanky build, evasive build, build where Stamina is never used, etc. Just make sure you don't give away everything, that's what the rows below are for! 

med_bay_icon  Assembly

Assembly is here to help you show the steps you'll take in creating the build from the ground-up, and how effective it is in all stages of its life. Be thorough explaining the necessary components, go as far as saying how high or low certain values need to be or what cosmetic items to equip.


Explain what armor, weapons and Drone modules you'll need to make this build a reality here. A very important element of most Builds is the introduction of the armors unique Set Bonus, so if there is a Set Bonus included, preface this section with its description. Don't forget to include the reasoning, don't want filthy peasants questioning your authority now!


Core Power Consumption and Implant Slots are crucial to a successful Build. Explain the techniques you use to get these necessities here. 


What does the life-cycle of your build look like? You definitely won't have all the parts for it as soon as you start the game. Breakdown how effective the build will be with its missing pieces, and suggest (or demand!) replacement parts to fill the gaps while you progress through the game.

security_door_icon  Combat

What the point of Buildbuilding if you're not even going to fight? Explain the 'how' of your build, what strengths and weaknesses you must work with and around to effectively reduce your enemy to a smouldering crater. Keep in mind, just explain the action part of the Action-RPG here, you'll explain the stats of it later.


Where do you start in combat? Explain the jumping, dodging, evading, blocking, attacking, etc. patterns you'll want to learn and understand. Don't forgot to also detail how to change it up when multiple enemies or new enemies enter the arena.


Show where this Build excels! Because of course, why would anyone use a build that makes you worse?


But of course, that doesn't mean there aren't still cracks in the facade. Explain situations to avoid here. 

first_aid_station_icon  Resource Allocation

Health, Energy and Stamina are an important part of the game. They're also a very modular part of the game. Explain here what is required from you in order to make the Build work. You may go through Stamina like crazy and need to explain how to keep yourself above 0, or maybe you tank damage and have to show how the Health is made up.


 What happens to your Health as you play? Explain how to heal, either through a main source, supplementary source, or both!


Detail the complex web of Injectables, X-Cables, Dynamos, Set Bonuses, etc. that affect your Energy making and spending.


Attack Speed, Impact, Stability, etc., all these stats are important. Show what you should focus on, and how change it to your advantage.

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