Resolve Chemical Refinery


Resolve Chemical Refinery is a Location in The Surge.


Resolve Chemical Refinery Information

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Resolve Chemical Refinery Enemies


Resolve Chemical Refinery Items/Weapons/Gear


Resolve Chemical Refinery Walkthrough

Head forward and break the boxes in the right corner to find some Tech Scrap, then head left and down the stairs. Defeat the enemies here and head left again to the Overcharge (11) power conduit that will open the locked door down here. Be careful of the ambush here. There is also some Tech Scrap laying on the ground behind the conduit you can pick up. Head towards the door and break the boxes here to reveal the Drone Module: Emergency Coolant Vent. Then head through the door and defeat that enemy here to find a Contact Station with the Audiolog: Reminder and the Implant: Implanted Electrodes v.2

Head further down the cooridor and defeat the enemy and head left and defeat the enemy here as well. Head down the stairs and defeat the enemy here, and break the box on the stairs to loot the Implant: Energized Power Cell v.2,  and open the door, which is a shortcut to the Conveyor Hub. Now would be a good time to head to the Operations Base and spend your Tech Scrap. To do that simply head up the stairs to the top and head across the pipeline like you did before when here. Once finished back track through the door and head back to the Resolve Chemical Refinery, heading back to where you first entered. 

Defeat the enemies around the stairs where you will come up and head towards the one way forward you can go here, past the window with a dead guy in it. There is the weapon: Corroded Butterfly here and a First Aid Station if you need to resupply. Head up the stairs and defeat the enemies here, then loot the Mk. III upgrade materials in the corner and continue up the stairs. Immediately after you head through the doorway there will be two enemies on your right and the Implant: Vital Injection v.3 behind them. Behind the Implant are some boxes and a large machine. Drop down through the hole right next to it to find the Implant: Sustaining Array v.2. Drop down then come back up.

Make your way through this room until you come to a Contact Station, it will contain the Audiolog: RE: Conspiracy Theory. There is also an Implant: Auto-Aid v.2 laying on the ground nearby. There is a Security Door here which contains the weapon: MG Negotiator and the Implant: Vanadium E-Cell v.3. Ignore it for now and head up the stairs nearby which takes you back into the Circulation Tower. If you aided  Irina Beckett, you will find her here at the top of the stairs (there is also an enemy near her which I suggest killing right away). Speak with her and she'll give you some more insight as to what is going on.  Head through the doorway just to her right and head right immediately to find a door you can open that has several enemies inside. Once they are dead, loot the Creo EX02 Prototype Rig from the corner of the room. This will unlock 4 more Implant slots for your character once you equip it in the Medbay. Then head back out and go left then right, into Builder Service Access


Resolve Chemical Refinery Tips/Notes

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