Circulation Tower


Circulation Tower is a Location in The Surge.


Circulation Tower Information

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Circulation Tower Enemies


Circulation Tower Items/Weapons/Gear


Circulation Tower Walkthrough

Defeat the enemy launching toxic grenades at you and defeat the minboss here. He will drop a Shining Coin and there is also the Implant: Endurance Enhancer v.3 in the corner behind him. Head up the stairs and defeat the enemies there. There are some upgrade materials laying on the ground you can pick up, then head up the next set of stairs. Defeat the enemy here, break the boxes to find the Implant: Rig Capacitor. Head up the next set of stairs, kill the enemy here and head left to find the Implant: Plasmic Regenerator v.3. Then to forward and left into the room with blue lighting. Inside there are like 6 enemies, so be careful. Defeat them and pick up the Implant: Reclamation Buddy v.2 and the Audiolog: Payload Irregularities. Outside is an Overcharge (20) power conduit. Use it to open the locked door next to it, which simply leads back to the blue room. On the right are some more enemies and the Audiolog: Happy Birthday! This is now the Resolve Chemical Refinery


Circulation Tower Tips/Notes

  • If you've been killing the Smelter Bots as you've been going through the game, you will find the fifth and final one at the beginning of the area, right after using your drone to open the big door at the end of the bridge.  After claiming your 5th Shining Coin, you can go unlock the IRONMAUS Gear set that is being guarded by the Vending Machine Cult earlier in the zone.
  • If you go back to the front of the Central Production zone once you've unlocked the Circulation Tower, you will find that there's been a few changes.  Any CREO Security Guards that you've killed previously will have respawned, so you can complete the MG Gorgon Gear set if needed, and replace the MG Negotiator that you gave to Irina Beckett earlier.   Several of the implants that are in the zone will have respawned (some at a higher rarity level), and there is now a new pair of CREO Security Guards at the Maglev Station that you initially entered the zone through the first time, along with a Security Bloodhound Bot.  The Security guards are not anything special (although one of them tends to respawn for farming Tungsten Alloy Mk III off of), however the Security Bloodhound respawns and will drop an Ancillary Core XL implant if you sever its tail.


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