Implanted Electrodes v.2



Core Power Consumption


Energy Restored


Implanted Electrodes v.2 is an Implant in The Surge.


Implanted Electrodes v.2 Details

Injectable which provides a burst of energy.

"Channels a burst of energy from the Power Core while triggering conditioned autohypnotic responses in the brain. Access to this implant must be approved by a supervisor of Departmental Head-level or above. Implantation must be done on a subject-by-subject basis and can occasionally lead to negative side effects, such as bouts of spontaneous aggression or involuntary triggering of the electrodes during routine activity.



Implanted Electrodes v.2 Location/ Where to find

  • Outer Sewers - drop down from where you killed two machines


Implanted Electrodes v.2 Notes & Tips





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