PROTEUS Test Subject


The PROTEUS Test Subject is an Enemy in The Surge.


PROTEUS Test Subject Information

The PROTEUS Test Subjects or "Homo Machinalis" are the failed attempt of Dr. Gene Barett at merging man and machine into a new lifeform to live in the world created by Project Utopia. They strike hard and fast with little regard for their own safety, the effects of the procedure having turning them psychotic.

PROTEUS Test Subjects are equipped with a Codename: Parsifal. They move and attack quickly, often more times than the player expects, and their overhead strikes have very good tracking which make them difficult to dodge.

PROTEUS Test Subject Location

Location Health Tech Scrap Respawn
Central Production B (Outbound Train Station)* ? ? Yes
Research and Development (Exhibition Floor)* ? ? Yes
Research and Development (Bio Impact Research) ? ? Yes
Research and Development (Nano Production Hall) ? ? Yes
Research and Development (Restricted Projects) ? ? Yes
Nucleus (Floor 01 - Cargo) ? ? Yes
Nucleus (Floor 02 - Refueling) ? ? Yes
Nucleus (Nitrogen Pump Station) ? ? Yes

*Only spawn after releasing the Proteus Test Subjects when talking to Dr. Gene Barret. There is a solitary Proteus Test Subject that spawns in the Exhibition Floor before this point.

PROTEUS Test Subject Drop

PROTEUS Test Subject Tips/Notes

  • Proteus Test Subjects always revive after death - don't be caught off guard when they do! The revived Proteus moves quicker and attacks more agressively, but constantly loses health, and will die even if left alone.
  • Proteus Test Subjects are fast and hit hard, but have a small amount of health for the point in the game where you encounter them. Single-rigged Weapons or Heavy-duty Weapons are reccomended for their high impact, usually allowing you to stun-lock and kill the Proteus Test Subject in a single barrage.
  • Using a finishing move will not prevent the Proteus Test Subject from reviving, but it will significantly weaken its capabilities. Severing the head will blind it, making it flail wildly. Severing either arm will disarm it, making it try to take you out with wild punches and kicks. Finally, severing either leg or the whole body at the waist (by severing the body) will make it crawl along the ground and try to claw at you.
  • If a Proteust Test Subject revives after having one of its limbs severed, you cannot get another piece of the PROTEUS Gear set off it, as the dismembered version cannot have its limbs targeted. You can, however, sever the limbs on a revived Test Subject, but keep in mind its increased speed and limited lifetime.

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