Chrysalis Zombie

Weakness All

Chrysalis Zombie is an Enemy in The Surge.


Chrysalis Zombie Information

These enemies seem to be the nanite-ravaged husks of CREO Security Guards and Liquidator employees - they can often be found lying collapsed on the floor near Chrysalis Troopers, and will be equipped with assorted security guard or Liquidator gear mixed with the occasional Chrysalis gear piece, and weilding MG Legionnaires or the Fractal Reaver.



Chrysalis Zombie Location

  • Nucleus
  • Nucleus (Nitrogen Pump Station)


Chrysalis Zombie Drop


Chrysalis Zombie Tips/Notes

  • Chrysalis Zombies tend to be "gimmie" enemies - they're slow, non-aggressive, and compared to the rest of the enemies in the zone, very easy to kill.
  • They are often found "playing dead", lying on the ground until the player steps on them.
  • They can drop Mk IV Gear Fragments and Tungsten Alloy, making them a good source for upgrade components late in the game.
  • They are the sole source of the Fractal Reaver single-rigged weapon.
  • They are worth 1,305 scrap per kill before any additional given by the Reclamation Buddy implants or killstreak bonuses.


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