Hazard Operative

Weakness Crush Damage

Elite Hazard Operatives are Enemies in The Surge.


Elite Hazard Operative Information

The hazard response squad, or Hazard Operatives are some of the first "human" enemies encountered in the game. They are first seen in Resolve Biolabs after releasing the lockdown.

The Elite Hazard Operatives combine the abilities of both types of regular Hazard Operatives, enabling them to both launch gas grenades and produce streams of fire. They also gain the ability to create a highly damaging close-range burst of flame, and are often accompanied by drones.

Dealing significant damage to their back may ignite their fuel tank, which will then explode, dealing damage in a radius and dropping no loot.

Beware - the flamethrowers can ignite poisonous gas, causing a large explosion that damages anything caught in the blast, including enemies.

Hazard Operative Location

  • Research & Development

Hazard Operative Drop

  • Elite Hazard Gear
  • Warren cannot use their grenade launchers or flamethrowers if he severs their right arm, but may salvage them for 3 Mk II (grenade launcher) / Mk III (flamethrower) Tungsten Alloy as normal.


  • Getting hit by their grenades will inflict a small amount of damage, but the majority of the damage comes from inhaling the gas released.
  • The bulk of their gear makes them extremely slow. Consider simply bypassing areas with multiple Operatives if you are not hunting for components or blueprints.
  • The Elite Hazard Operatives will occasionally need to reload their weapon, leaving them wide open for a large amount of time.
  • Using a Heavy Duty or other high-crush weaponry can stagger the Operative, preventing them from firing their flamethrower and allowing for follow-up attacks. The KLINGE Power Grip is a good choice due to its high Crush damage, impact rating, and speed.
  • While firing the flamethrower, the Operative will turn very slowly. This makes it easy to get behind them for a backstab or some free hits.
  • Be warned that they are not pushovers in melee - they have several close-range attacks that will inflict just as much damage as any melee-based enemies.
  • You can render yourself entirely immune to the poisonous gas released by their grenades either by wearing the Elite Hazard head gear or by using the Toxic Autofilter implant.


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