The Black Cerberus

Weakness Dodging, fast weapons
Boss Fourth

The Black Cerberus is a Boss in The Surge. The Black Cerberus is the fourth boss and is a combination of a human opponent and several P.A.X enemies. You will have to defeat him and all 3 P.A.Xs in order to complete this boss. 


The Black Cerberus Location


The Black Cerberus Drop


The Black Cerberus Strategy

This isn't an overly difficult fight, but be sure to have a good amount of heals slotted. You'll want to dodge a lot and try to hit him with running attacks when you can, usually after he finishes a combo. Be careful because his combos are usually about 1 to 2 hits longer than you think they should be. If you back away too far he will shoot projectiles that stun you, almost assuring your death, so be sure to dodge if he does this. About every 20% health or so he will summon a P.A.X to fight you. This enemy fights just like the first boss, only he hits harder and takes more hits to bring down. You'll want to stay under him and not get stepped on. The Black Cerberus can be executed, so be sure to do so. 

Note, the "Hardcore Kill" is chopping his arm off, this way you will get MG Judge v2.0.

 The Black Cerberus Hardcore Strategy

Note, the "Hardcore Kill" is chopping his arm off, this way you will get MG Judge v2.0.

The Black Cerberus Tips/Notes


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    • Anonymous

      13 Aug 2020 23:06  

      This + Claws of Gestalt + Attack Speed & Stamina Regen Array + Rig capacitors = WIN

      PS: It was quite easy to get whole set, it just requires a little bit of precision and patience.

      • Anonymous

        21 Jan 2020 06:17  

        the PAX doesnt shoot missiles, ever. i filled up his orange bar, but he doesnt shoot. people say u have to keep distance to make him shoot but when i keep distance, he just jumps close to me and closes the distance, not shoot

        • Anonymous

          25 Sep 2018 16:17  

          To whoever designed the V 2.0 mechanic: ***** you and please find another job that doesn't involve video games. Please don't jeopardize big projects for new developers that have potential. Thanks and ***** you.

          • Anonymous

            25 Sep 2018 15:49  

            LOL this boss is absolute trash. PAX literally has huge invisible hitboxes and near instant startup frames. Maybe playtest the game?

            • Anonymous

              12 Mar 2018 12:57  

              I used Claws of the Gestalt, MG Gorgon set, shield drone, and 12 level 5 vital injections on NG+. Destroyed the two containers with the help of the first P.AX. Won the fight in less than 5 minutes. Easy.

              • Anonymous

                10 Nov 2017 19:10  

                God, i hate this boss design. Even with all atacks memorized i stil cant pass him in ng+. The secret way to kill him seems even more difficult to pull off.

                • Anonymous

                  19 Oct 2017 12:10  

                  If you do the "hardcore" method a certain way it actually makes the fight easier:
                  1. Trick the 1st PAX into shooting both geneators, this will prevent more PAX units from spawning, then kill PAX.
                  2. Continue fighting Cerb, I use single rigs (Pax v2) and, dodge/dash attacks, but those hit right to left so targeting the left arm works better, and the Judge is a 2 hander so cutting off either arm will net you the V2 and arm schematic.

                  Note: if you destroy both generators, but DON'T dis-arm Cerb you will the get V1 Judge and the armor scematics EXCEPT the arm scematics.

                  (Also, don't know if this is a glitch or not, but by doing it this way you might get both V1 and V2 Judge, that's what happened for me anyways.)

                  • Anonymous

                    04 Oct 2017 18:32  

                    I can confirm that the wiki is fradulent and lies to you.

                    Only damaging and targeting the right arm even after detsroying both white cannisters will NOT yield you the MG judge V2.
                    I only damaged this arm, with the first pax i destroyed the two white cannisters, then i dpsed his right arm down and still didn't get the weapon.
                    Wiki has been confirmed to lie.

                    • 24 Aug 2017 11:32  

                      1) Take some Voltaic Dynamo and Medi-Voltaic Injection implants
                      2) Select Industrial Electromagnet dron module
                      3) When you have no energy - dodge, hit and gain some
                      4) Use your drone and stun boss then hit some times to gain more energy and step back
                      5) When boss starts summoning pax - use your drone. It stunes him and prevents your stunning and summoning the pax
                      6) repeat

                      • Anonymous

                        24 Aug 2017 06:47  

                        Ok so, It took me quite a while to beat this boss and the wiki page is missing some information.
                        First and most importantly, I went through two of the four Pax that he summons, both have cannons, no missiles barrages to drop them. you have to do it the hard way. If you have the pax shoot the two generator looking things with their cannons he can't bring in any more Pax.
                        I used a heavy duty weapon and it worked well, all his attacks gave me enough time to get one hit in with it before he attacked again. This boss is very weak to concussive drone, it will send him flying every which way and give yoy the chance to hit him with a sliding attack with some breathing room. Best implant I can recommend is supplemented your healing with the medi-voltaic, you can gain a fair amount of energy and it does have a set amount, making an endurance fight better. Honestly, exept for the Thunder stun and the summoning pax's, you can almost treat him like just another humanoid enemy in the game.

                        • Anonymous

                          05 Jul 2017 17:25  

                          Anyone know if you can jump into this boss fight while the Black Cerberus is still giving his speech to the other Security enemies?

                          (For anyone that doesn't know, you can jump straight into the boss arena from the ventilation shaft rather than dropping down and using the exo-lift)

                          • Anonymous

                            08 Jun 2017 07:46  

                            I defeated him using the mele drone found in the 2nd are, the mele drone staggers him, also to get his full gear you need P.A.X to missile the massive white reactors that are on either side of the field, trying to get P.A.X to shoot me was the most frustrating part of the whole boss battle, also slide attack worked really well on him. good luck

                            • The Black Cerberus [The surge Wiki]07 Jun 2017 06:59  

                              Ok, I'm having a problem. At the moment I can consistently (And effortlessly) take Cerberus down enough to spawn a PAX, use the PAX to blow up the tanks, then finish off the PAX. However it seems that I'm missing something when it comes to the remaining 1v1 fight, because I can't seem to do anything against Cerberus once he has his Electrified weapon. I'm using the firebug throttle at mk 3, Gorgon arms and chest at mk 3, one of the white robot helmets at mk 3, and the two starting operator legs (With the highest stamina cost reduction) at mk 3. I really don't know what to change, my impact isn't stunning him, and no matter what weapon I switch to (I've tried the PAX and the Staff from the previous boss) I just can't seem to effectively fight him without getting stunlocked myself, or stuck in an attack animation and getting 2 hit killed. Any tips?

                              • 25 May 2017 02:20  

                                Okay so I've noticed a few things, firstly that you don't have to fight 3 P.A.X. machines at all, I only fought one, and you can stop him from running and healing at all, what you have to do is weaken him until he runs and summons the robot, then you have to get the robot up to max threat level like in the first fight, however this one uses a tank cannon rather than missiles, so get it to jump away from you and shoot at the orange-ish tanks in the corner of the room, the one closest to where you start stops him summoning more PAX machines, and the one furthest stops him from healing, once this is done, kill the PAX robot and all that's left is a one on one deathmatch with Cerberus

                                • Anonymous

                                  23 May 2017 06:53  

                                  Not sure if Intended or not was able to pretty much perma stun him with drone stun and stopped him from spawning more adds after the first one

                                  • Anonymous

                                    The Black Cerberus [The surge Wiki]21 May 2017 17:55  

                                    Did you ever find a way up there? I ha e searched all over the place with no luck. The lift up there doesn't work

                                    • Anonymous

                                      20 May 2017 10:08  

                                      The phases are actually on a timer and do not have anything to do with boss %, so the boss can be killed in his first phase if you have a fast weapon and high impact.

                                      • Anonymous

                                        20 May 2017 06:42  

                                        Killed the boss, got the upgraded weapon and armor set, game crashed right when I picked it all up. Only got to keep the helmet. Kill me. Please.

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