Main Assembly Line


Main Assembly Line is a Location in The Surge.


Main Assembly Line Information

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Main Assembly Line Enemies


 Main Assembly Line Items/Weapons/Gear


Main Assembly Line Walkthrough

Once finished Assembly Halls, head back to where to acquired the Atlas Power Core and Overload the circuit breaker to the left of the large door there to get it open. Once inside defeat the enemies here and use the Overcharge (10) power conduit up the Exo-Lift which is located straight ahead behind some machinery. There is some Tungsten Alloy Mk.I near the Exo-Lift and you will need to run and jump to get it from the base of the lift. There is also an Overcharge (55) power conduit here that contains 2 Nano Core

Open the door that is near the base of the lift to find the Implant: Sustaining Array v.1 and the Audiolog: Griper. Head back out the door and go left. Defeat the enemy here and open the shortcut back to the Medbay. This may be a good time to spend your Tech Scrap and level up or swap your Implants. Afterwards, continue on through the area, but be careful as there are many enemies in the next room. Be sure to pick up the Plasmic Regenerator v.1 on the ground against the right wall. Up ahead on the right side there is an Overload (10) power conduit that will open a large door next to it.

Inside this area is a door on the right that is a shortcut back to the Operations Base. Straight ahead is the Reinforced Pipe, which is the first Staff you will find. After grabbing it open the door right next to the door you came out of to enter this area and defeat the enemies inside. Now would be a good time to then take the shortcut to the Medbay and level up or spend your Tech Scrap. The miniboss is to the left in this area and it can be challenging the first time you fight it, so it's a good idea to not risk your Tech Scrap.

When you head back, go straight through the cylinder-like structure and head through the bushes directly ahead to fight the miniboss. You'll want to take out the drone first, as it will chip away at your health during this fight if you don't and the miniboss hits hard so you will need full health to survive most of its attacks if it hits you. The trick to this fight is staying close, and strafing around the machine to keep attacking it's exposed sides. Be careful of it's spin attack as its range is hard to gauge and reaches farther than you would think and it can generally one-shot you. Also, if it drops blue fog on the ground, wait for it to dissapate before attacking or you will be drained of Stamina. This guys drops the Shining Coin.

After defeating the miniboss, it's a good idea to once again spend your Tech Scrap as you will have quite a lot at this point. After doing so, head back to this area but head left before going through the bushes. Defeat the enemies here and pick up the Implant: Vanadium E-Cell v.1 under a breakable box on the right-hand side of this area. Head up the nearby stairs, defeat the enemy and break the boxes on your left to find the Audiolog: Gear Assembly. You can also head down the revealed ramp here to find the Implant: Vital Boost v.1 on top of box, but you will need to run back if you pick it up.

Head down the set up stairs opposite where you came up here and destroy the the drones here. Be careful not to go through the semi-open large doors in this area or you will trigger the boss fight. Head up the stairs opposite where you just came down to find 2 enemies, one of which is hidden. Kill them and pick up the Implant: Plasmic Regenerator v.1. I highly recommend putting of the boss fight for now and heading back to the main room with all the enemies, inside the Main Assembly Line, indoors. Inside will be a door you can open and go down some stairs. This is where you will want to go next. It is a good idea to have a torso armor equipped for this so that you can use its lights to see, as it is poorly lit down there.

Main Assembly Line Tips/Notes

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    • There is a Iron Maus comic on the ground near that white crate/container with what looks like a red Cap/Lid & black lines on it. I don't know what it's for, in the inventory, it just says "A brand new adventure" or something like it. Also, unlike other items, it didn't show on the ground as a yellow pyramid thing. The only reason I picked it up is that I saw the "pick up" text on my screen while walking over the comic. Not sure, if it's intentional or if it's a bug that doesn't make it appear like other items that you can pick up but so far, didn't find a use for it. If anyone can edit the wiki page to put it in the list of items, cuz I don't know how to do that.

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