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Rogue Process is a Boss in The Surge. Rogue Process is the final boss of The Surge and is a collective of many different nanites into one consciousness.  


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Rogue Process Strategy

When the fight starts he will shoot 3 homing projectiles at you and most likely leap to your position, so dodge a lot then counter-attack against his arms. You want to dash in and hit his limbs and dash out quickly. Don't stay in front of him or under him for very long. Since your attacks cannot build much Energy against him, it is recommended that you have at least 3 Vital Injection v.5 slotted. When his health gets low, use the Overcharge (10) power conduit to begin the second phase.

In the second phase, he will be a humanoid and you will fight him much like you fight any other. Dash in, hit him and dash out. Use your Medi-Voltaic Injection v.5 to heal often and dodge left and right, insteaad of back, as his weapon shoots projectiles forward sometimes when he attacks. Execute him when he is low on health.



Rogue Process Tips/Notes

  • You cannot gain very much Energy against this boss so it is recommended to slot at least 3 Vital Injection implants.
  • When his health gets low you must use the Overcharge (10) power conduit or you will not be able to damage him.
  • The game will immediately end upon defeating him and a cut scene will play. You will be taken to New Game Plus whether you are ready or not, so be sure to do anything you want to do before defeating him.


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    • To get the Claws, I found best is to (In Phase 1), go for the big arm, then work to the last arm, or take 2 out at the same time, then Phase 2, Target>Right Arm>Turtle to his left, I found when he would dash at you it's best to go to his left when this happens, you take little damage, and rinse & repeat, I also found out that Phase 1 is more Bull*****than Phase 2, (Reminds me of the Cerberus fight, love that one, 2 tries and done)

      • Anonymous

        Claws first try.. Right means the right arm... It even says "right arm" when you highlight it. Yes, push left, which highlights the right arm if he's facing you. Your left hand makes an L with your thumb and forefinger if you get confused.

        • Anonymous

          the most ridiculous thing imho is that you can BLOCK almost everything from the boss in second phase.....due to that it was easiest boss for me in the entire game. I even cut off his right arm. in general the boss fights were really easy and not really challenging (not soulslike at all;-)) Still I is a great game and I had a lot of fun. Atmosphere was tense and great. Overall I would say it's a "soulslike light" game.

          • Anonymous

            This bosfight was really disappointing and poorly made, lot of really lame and unfair moves, i didn't really have any issues throughout the whole game but this fight almost made me uninstall the game. Very disappointing ending in general i hope there next game improves the bossfights because most of them aren't great.

            • Anonymous

              Try a energy 30 percent min, then an energy booster or two. You can store good energy even in the first phase. You can enhance your reaction with adrenal implant or whatever. . . Phase one, use an energy weapon. He will take great damage if you have judge v2 and he is still enough for slide attacks of 2h to really tag him. Of corse, some timing needs to be considered since he hits hard and staggers you easily. Once you damage all white glowing parts and turn then red/ once he curses at you run and overcharge the machine again to distrupt his huge form and fight his true form. I recommend adrenal implant since u can get mad energy and see his fast moves better.also you should change weapon. He is resistant to energy now. Try code name Valkyrie or any weapon that doesn't rely on energy. Don't forget to focus his right hand for the goodies.

              • Anonymous

                One tip if you are having trouble with the first phase, use the drone electromagnet on one of its hind legs and he will momentarily stumble, giving you a couple seconds to get in free hits.

                I used a high energy gain single rigged weapon. Slide attack which is quick, following up with a quick R2 and then a dodge away, and that was usually enough to refill my energy gauge enough to use the drone again. So build up enough energy by attacking an arm, switch target the leg, cast the drone, switch target back to the arms, and then attack when he stumbles. You don't want to attack the legs first because once they go red you can't target them with the drone anymore.

                Once you enter the 2nd phase, the drone electromagnet will grapple the entire body of Rogue Process.

                • Anonymous

                  Would the Judge v2.0 be a viable weapon in this fight? The energy gain is pretty substantial and the lightning wave can stack with its upward swing at point-blank range.

                  • Anonymous

                    If you enter the fight with Medi-Voltaic Injection, you can still get some decent healing by using the Voltaic Dynamo Implants (all three for +70% energy gain). The best weapon for this tactic would be one of the flame weapons from the DLC pack. I used the MG Vigiles (single-rigged) and got a heal on almost every strike. In addition to that, the Dynamo affects the energy build-up in the weapon, triggering the flame damage almost every strike.

                    • There are some serious special ed's here... to reiterate what others have said, when you are referring to his right arm, you are referring to the arm on HIS right side. That is some basic-ass common knowledge, dum-dums.

                      • Anonymous

                        Damaged both front and back arms in phase 1, focused damage on right arm in phase 2, cut, and... mimetic edge. Sucks to this game

                        • Anonymous

                          I Cut of the *****ing correct arm off and got the crap single handed weapon on second play through now on 3rd got to try again

                          • Anonymous

                            OMG From your perspective left arm - bosses right is Claws. From your perspective right arm - bosses left is sword. Get stupid memetic edge, ty ppl.

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