Rocket Assembly Station


Rocket Assembly Station is a Location in The Surge.


Rocket Assembly Station Information

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Rocket Assembly Station Enemies


 Rocket Assembly Station Items/Weapons/Gear


Rocket Assembly Station Walkthrough

At this point you are ready to fight the boss. Head back to the Operations Base and use whatever Tech Scrap you have left or bank it. You should be around Core Power 20 ish. Head out and head towards the miniboss area but head left and go up the stairs. Head down the stairs on the other side, defeat the drones and head into the boss fight. The strategy here is to stay as close to P.A.X as you possibly can, stay under him and hit his feet, dodge his stomps and repeat. When the orange bar fills he will shoot a missile barrage up into the air that will incapacitate him if you stay under him, as it will strike him instead. Once he'd down, attack his cockpit to deal damage. Repeat this process for an easy victory. You will gain the weapon: P.A.X Imperator and the Implant: Vital Boost v.3 for defeating him this way. If you don't make him strike himself with any of his missiles you will obtain the ??

After defeating P.A.X, head up the Exo-Lift and interact with the Contact Station on your left to acquire the Audiolog: Remain Vigilant. Hop on the maglev train and head to Central Production B.


Rocket Assembly Station Tips/Notes

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