Restricted Projects


Restricted Projects is a Location in The Surge.


Restricted Projects Information

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Restricted Projects Enemies


Restricted Projects Items/Weapons/Gear


Restricted Projects Walkthrough

Defeat the two enemies in the hallway and open the door here to open a shortcut to the Operations Base. Up ahead is another door and some Tech Scrap hidden in a box. Head through the door here and defeat ALL the enemies. There are a lot, so be careful not to pull more than one at a time. Head up the stairs and left into the room there, defeat the enemy and pick up the Tech Scrap. Use the the Contact Station to receive the Audiolog: FW: Michael Shaw. The Door Controls through out this area simply for isolating enemies so you don't get overrun. You can lock doors and use the mesh breakable doors to travel around and not get mobbed. Use the maintenance shafts to move around the outer bit to get to the room up top on the right. There is an Implant: Vital Injection v.3 here and an Exo-Lift that goes up, via a mesh door. There is an Audiolog: RE: Michael Shaw here. Head forward and take the Exo-Lift down.

There is a room at the bottom here that has an Overcharge (10) power conduit (which unlocks the door in the main room outside, a Contact Station that contains the Audiolog: Utopia and the Implant: Plasmic Regenerator v.3. Once you open the room in the main door a tough PROTEUS miniboss will appear and you will have to fight him. If you sever his arm he will drop the weapon: Codename: Parsifal v2.0 and he drops Bloodied Proteus Gear - you will have to go back to Ops and reset several times in order to get the full gear set..  Through the door up ahead is an Exo-Lift that leads to Dr. Gene Barrett. Talk to him and pick up the Tech Scrap in the corner. Head back to the Operations Base and you will find new enemies in the Exhibition Floor, along with the weapon: MG Legionnaire. Head to the large metalic door and head inside. This will take you to Central Production B.


Restricted Projects Tips/Notes

  • Bloodied Proteus is your first respawneble source of Mk.IV parts. If you want to to grind him for his set or components, remember to close all the labs doors before facing Dr. Barret. You will not be able to open or close them later. If you do close them, you will only have to fight Bloodied Proteus and single Proteus in glass case instead of all Proteus in adjustient labs. And even if you close all the doors, you can still get into labs by tunel left to lab 12 doors.
  • Even if you didn't cut any limb from Proteus or Bloodied Proteus first time you kill them, you can try again after they resurect. But if you do cut any limb, you can't cut one more. Also, all first time cuts at furst time result in difrent reaction. Arm cut make him drop his weapon, Head cut make him only atack you are next to him and Leg or Torso cut make him crawl after you.

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