Severed Rotor Blade


Damage Damage


Impact Impact


Attack Speed Attack Speed


 Proficiency Scaling


Energy Gain Energy Gain


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Severed Rotor Blade is a DLC Weapon in The Surge.
It was added with the A Walk in the Park DLC.


Severed Rotor Blade Information

“A piece of a CREO Search and Rescue helicopter's tail rotor that must have sheared off during a damaging crash. Constructed of standard composites but with a significant heft, most of its abrasion shielding has been scraped away, revealing a pitted but serviceable hacking blade.”


Severed Rotor Blade Details

  • Need 60% more impact to reach High Impact.



Severed Rotor Blade Location/ Where to find

  • In front of the SkyBound facility entrance, impaling a dead park mascot.  The dead mascot is behind the structure immediately to the right of the SkyBound entrance.


Severed Rotor Blade Notes & Tips



Severed Rotor Blade Upgrade Table


 Upgrade Cost


Prof 5 Damage

Prof 10 Damage

Prof 15 Damage

Prof 20 Damage

Prof 25 Damage

Mk. 0  width= N/A  width= N/A            
Mk. I  width= 741  width= 9            
Mk. II   width= 6,835  width= 9            
Mk. III  width= 11,353  width= 9            
Mk. IV  width= 16,328  width= 9            
Mk. V  width= 26,850  width= 3            
Mk. VI  width= 45,202  width= 9            
Mk. VII  width= 60,837  width= 9            
Mk. VIII  width= 76,950  width= 9            
Mk. IX  width= 93,378  width= 9            
Mk. X  width= 26,850  width= 3           237 



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    • Anonymous

      This weapon has quickly become one of my favorites, simply because it this games version of the darksword from DS1&3.

      • Anonymous

        One of underrate weapons. It has good dmg and longer than normal one-handed weapon approximately 20%**WITHOUT STAMINA or ATTACK SPEED PENALTY**. It kinda like Bastard Sword in DS but attack as fast as normal sword with same stamina consumption. What the concept is that !? ... With the long reach, horizon attacks can hit multiple enemies at once. Just target enemy's head and do H H V combo, this can clearout mob very effectively Although it only has medium proficiency. This weapon should serve you well for your first NG. Proficiency below 20 does not mean much at all.

        • Anonymous

          Surprisingly strong and long reach for what isn't even a tool, just a makeshift blade. Served me well through the game up until I upgraded the HSS Overloader.

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