Security Doors information in The Surge is on this page. Security Doors begin appearing in the Power Plant in the Assembly Halls and continue all the way through out the game. You cannot open them until you acquire the CREO EX06 Security Rig, which will allow you to pass the scans from the cameras above these doors. In order to obtain this Rig, you will need to defeat The Black Cerberus boss inside the Armory of the Executive Forum much later in the game and Overload (10) the power conduit in the room behind him. This will unlock the Rig inside the Operations Base inside the Executive Forum.


Security Doors Locations

Assembly Halls

  • Power Plant. Located just before the Exo-Lift that takes you up to the area where you turn on the power. Contains Vital Boost v.5.

Central Production B

Resolve Biolabs

Research & Development 

Executive Forum

  • Armory. You must pass through this door after defeating Black Cerberus to progress the game so you cannot miss it. 


  • Nitrogen pumping plant. Contains terminal to upload Utopia recalibration virus from Dr. Chavez. Room also can be accessed by turning left before Rogue Process arena.

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    • Anonymous

      I think the list above is missing one: It's up through the Circulation Tower and the ReSOLVE Chemical Refinery. There is another Security Door, pretty much unmissable. Come to think of it, maybe that's why it wasn't listed? Anyways, it holds 2 Implants, but i just can't remember which ones these were sry.

      • Anonymous

        The weapon codename:carmina it was available to me before i overcharged that conduit so i dont know what i just opened with that

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