Implants for The Surge are listed on this page. Implants are used to increase the Stats of the player as well as provide new abilities or bonuses. A max of 8 Implants can be slotted at any given time, and these slots increase as you gain in Core Power. Each Implant also requires a certain amount of Core Power in order to use, so you will have to balance between using more powerful Implants or using more powerful Armor, since Armor also requires Core Power. There are more powerful versions of the same Implant, so if you find one you really like, odds are you can find a better version of it later in the game. Some Implants even stack.



Hardwired Implants




Aggression Amplifier Restores health when performing finishing moves.
Auto-Aid While near death, regenerates health.
Endurance Enhancer Increases maximum Stamina. Scales with Core Power.
Orientation Implant Energy Gain +100% (unknown if actually ingame)
SNS Disinhibitor While near death, increases passive stamina regeneration and energy gained through successful attacks.
Vanadium E-Cell Increases maximum Energy. Scales with Core Power.
Vital Boost Increases maximum Health. Scales with Core Power.




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