Hardwired Implants




Aggression Amplifier Restores health when performing finishing moves.
Auto-Aid While near death, regenerates health.
Endurance Enhancer Increases maximum Stamina. Scales with Core Power.
Orientation Implant Energy Gain +100% (unknown if actually ingame)
SNS Disinhibitor While near death, increases passive stamina regeneration and energy gained through successful attacks.
Vanadium E-Cell Increases maximum Energy. Scales with Core Power.
Vital Boost Increases maximum Health. Scales with Core Power.
 vital_omni_audit_implant Vital Omni-Audit Displays health bar and stability bar of enemies and increases maximum health. Scales with Core Power.
 kineto_plasmic_shunt_v3_implant Kineto-Plasmic Shunt Heals you after 5 successful hits in quick succession.
 medic_voltaic_regulator_v2_implant Medi-Voltaic Regulator When health is low, successful attacks generate health instead of enegry.
 plasmic_array_v2_implant Plasmic Array Provides heal over time while enegry is high.
 plasmic_accumulator_v4_implant Plasmic Accumulator Overhealing is stored as temporary health buffer.
plasmic_omni_boost_v1_implant Plasmic Omni-Boost Increases maximum energy, health and stamina, based on Core Power.



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