Hardwired Implants




Aggression Amplifier Restores health when performing finishing moves.
Auto-Aid While near death, regenerates health.
Endurance Enhancer Increases maximum Stamina. Scales with Core Power.
Orientation Implant Energy Gain +100% (unknown if actually ingame)
SNS Disinhibitor While near death, increases passive stamina regeneration and energy gained through successful attacks.
Vanadium E-Cell Increases maximum Energy. Scales with Core Power.
  Palladium E-Cell Increases maximum Energy. Scales with Core Power.
Vital Boost Increases maximum Health. Scales with Core Power.
  Vital Omni-Audit Displays health bar and stability bar of enemies and increases maximum health. Scales with Core Power.
  Kineto-Plasmic Shunt Heals you after 5 successful hits in quick succession.
  Medi-Volatic Regulator When health is low, successful attacks generate health instead of enegry.
  Plasmic Array Provides heal over time while enegry is high.
  Plasmic Accumulator Overhealing is stored as temporary health buffer.



    • Anonymous

      27 Oct 2018 04:57  

      I'm not sure where I got the Plasmic Array, but I remember getting it in the base game. I want to test if they are stackable.

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