Hot Swappable Implants




Ancillary Core Increases Core Power.
Kinasthetic Amplifier Increases Single and Twin-Rigged Proficiency levels.
Medical Audit Displays Healthbars for targeted enemies.
Pneumatic Calibrator Reduces the Stamina cost of dodging.
Proximity Sensor Plays an audible tone when near a treasure item.
Reclamation Buddy Increases scrap gained from killing enemies.
Rig Capacitor Adds a minimum energy level that you will not passively decay past.
Sustaining Array Slows energy decay.
Tactile Omni-Boost Increases weapon proficiency with one-handed weapons, staffs, and heavy duty weapons.
Toxic Autofilter Neutralizes toxic gas, allowing it to be breathed normally.
Voltaic Dynamo Increases the amount of energy gained through successful attacks.
X-Cables Reduces the energy cost of performing finishing moves.


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