Hot Swappable Implants




  Ablative Array Increases defense when energy is high.
Ancillary Core Increases Core Power.
  Concussive Array Increases impact when energy is high.
  Drone Power Circuit Increases the damage of drone attacks by 50%.
  Endurance Array Increases stamina regeneration when energy is high.
  Gyro-Stabilizer Reduces the stamina consumed when blocking attacks.
  Kinetic Converter Generates enegry when blocking attacks.
Kinasthetic Amplifier Increases weapon proficiency and proficiency gain with single-rigged and twin-rigged weapons.
Medical Audit Displays Healthbars for targeted enemies.
  Omni-Audit Displays Health bar and stability bar of enemies.
Pneumatic Calibrator Reduces the Stamina cost of performing evasive moves.
Proximity Sensor Plays an audible tone when near a treasure item.
Reclamation Buddy Increases the amount of Tech Scrap gained by killing enemies.
Rig Capacitor Adds a minimum energy level that you will not passively decay past.
Sustaining Array Slows energy decay.
Tactile Omni-Boost Increases weapon proficiency and proficiency gain with one-handed weapons, staffs and heavy-duty weapons.
Toxic Autofilter Neutralizes toxic gas, allowing it to be breathed normally.
  Velocity Array Increases attack speed when energy is high.
Voltaic Dynamo Increases the amount of energy gained through successful attacks.
X-Cables Reduces the energy cost of performing finishing moves.



    • Anonymous

      03 Jan 2018 23:08  

      X-Cables - Reduces the energy cost of performing finishing moves.
      But also reduce all energy required for injectable. 15% for red, 10% for blue.
      Coupled with the dlc mantis armor bonus of 25% reduction for all injectable you get theoricaly 40% reduction on medi voltaic usage.

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