Elite Hazard Body Gear

Sentinel Class

Defense Defense


Stability Stability


Core Power Consumption Core Power Consumption


Impact Stamina Consumption


Elemental Defense


Crush Defense


Slash Defense


Thrust Defense


Elite Hazard Body Gear is a Body Gear in The Surge.


Elite Hazard Body Gear details

"Elite Hazard gear is required for employees whose duties require them to risk exposure to toxic substances, and includes a full vapor-proof hazmat shell-rebreather. Hazard Response squads employ a variety of 11 neutralizing canisters, and in the case of a spreading fire, they work in pairs to trigger controlled concussive shockwaves that extinguish the flames. "




Elite Hazard Body Gear Location/ Where to find


Elite Hazard Body Gear Tips & Notes

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Elite Hazard Body Gear Upgrade Table



 Upgrade Cost


Mk. I 1933 15
Mk. II  11598  21 
Mk. III  21263  26 
Mk. IV 30928 32
Mk. V 48330 38
Mk. VI 88,918  41
Mk. VII 117,913  45 
Mk. VIII 146,908  50 
Mk. IX 175,903  54 
Mk. X  48,330 59


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