RHINO Body Gear

Goliath Class





  Core Power Consumption


  Stamina Consumption 


Elemental Defense

11 Crush Defense 13

Slash Defense

15 Thrust Defense 10

RHINO Body Gear is a Body Gear in The Surge.


RHINO Body Gear Details

"Heavy tasks just got a whole lot lighter! RHINO gear was the first generation of CREO Exo-Rig technology, built for exceptional power and durability in the face of extraordinary demands. But don't be fooled by its age - RHINO is still the backbone of CREO's mission to restore the environment, having paved the way for the more task-specific gear to come."


RHINO Body Gear Location/Where To Find


RHINO Body Gear Tips & Notes


RHINO Body Gear Upgrade Table


 Upgrade Cost


Mk. I 1772  13 12
Mk. II 10632  13 17
Mk. III  19492  13 22
Mk. IV 28352  13 27
Mk. V   44303   3 32
Mk. VI          
Mk. VII          
Mk. VIII          
Mk. IX          
Mk. X          



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