ANGEL VI Body Gear

Goliath Class





  Core Power Consumption


  Stamina Consumption 


Elemental Defense

15 Crush Defense 13

Slash Defense

10 Thrust Defense 9

ANGEL VI Body Gear is a Body Gear in The Surge.


ANGEL VI Body Gear Details

"Manufactured exclusively by CREO's Japanese subsidiary TENSHI SYSTEMS, the 'Angel VI' is the latest model in a successful series of space exo-rigs custom-made for extreme conditions. Originally designed for labor-intensive tasks in hazardous environments, it will withstand extreme duress for prolonged periods of time, keeping its wearer focused on the task ahead."


ANGEL VI Body Gear Location/Where To Find


ANGEL VI Body Gear Tips & Notes


ANGEL VI Body Gear Upgrade Table


  Upgrade Cost


Mk. I 1604  17 12
Mk. II 4430  17 16
Mk. III  10209  17 21
Mk. IV 16955  17 26



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