OGRE Body Gear

Goliath Class





  Core Power Consumption


  Stamina Consumption 


Elemental Defense

11 Crush Defense 15

Slash Defense

7 Thrust Defense 12

OGRE Body Gear is a Body Gear in The Surge.


OGRE Body Gear Details

"OGRE gear is the byproduct of a Restricted Projects initiative to create a next-generation power core, a new universal power source for use in CREO heavy machinery. What better way to debut the new design than to create a set of attachments meant to utilize its higher energy output? As a result, OGRE is some of the heaviest-duty gear ever developed by CREO. It significantly multiplies Exo-Rig force production, although this benefit is unfortunately attenuated when OGRE is supplied with a conventional power core."


OGRE Body Gear Location/Where To Find


OGRE Body Gear Tips & Notes


OGRE Body Gear Upgrade Table


  Upgrade Cost


Mk. I 1604  17 11
Mk. II 4430  17 15
Mk. III  10209  17 20
Mk. IV 16955  17 25


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