SCARAB Body Gear

Sentinel Class

Defense Defense


Stability Stability


Core Power Consumption Core Power Consumption


Impact Stamina Consumption


Elemental Defense


Crush Defense


Slash Defense


Thrust Defense


SCARAB Body Gear is a Body Gear in The Surge.


SCARAB Body Gear details

"SCARAB is the newly-acquired Exo-Rig technology developed by a CREO subsidiary, Vestorson Industrial Sciences. Vestorson has always been well-known for their willingness to pioneer new form-factors, which inevitably led to the development of the reliable and energy-efficient SCARAB line. Currently employed on a trial basis in a variety of CREO operations.




SCARAB Body Gear Location/ Where to find

  • Schematics drop from enemies in Central Production B.
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SCARAB Body Gear Tips & Notes

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SCARAB Body Gear Upgrade Table



 Upgrade Cost


Mk. I 1933 15
Mk. II  11,598 Tech Scrap 14 Rig Armature Mk. II 20
 Mk. III  21,263 Tech Scrap 14 Rig Armature Mk. III 26
Mk. IV   30,928 Tech Scrap 14 Rig Armature Mk. IV 32
Mk. V 48330 38
Mk. VI    
Mk. VII    
Mk. VIII    
Mk. IX    
Mk. X    


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