Assembly Halls


Assembly Halls is a in The Surge.


Assembly Halls Information

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Assembly Halls Enemies

  • Zombie Worker - LYNX
  • Welding Drone


Assembly Halls Items/Weapons/Gear


Assembly Halls Walkthrough

When you first begin the game you will find yourself on a train. After the train stops depart the train and head down the ramp and to the right. Head through the door that is open there and pick a starting equipment load out. Once done, apply for the job and watch the cut scene. Once you wake up, defeat the nearby drones and activate the Medbay in the Operations Base. You will need to find the Atlas Power Core in order to get your Exo-Rig working properly. To do that head out the opposite door and fight your way through a few enemies and then defeat the guy banging on the door. He will drop the Power Core, which you must take back to the Medbay after picking up. Once ther use the Medbay to fix your Exo-Rig and level up if you wish and slot any Implants you want. Then use your Gear Voucher at the Gear Assembly right next to it to get some free equipment.


Assembly Halls Tips/Notes

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