Armory is a Location in The Surge.


Armory Enemies


Armory Items/Weapons/Gear


Armory Walkthrough

Defeat the Maintenance Bot here and head forward, then left to the breakable mesh door. Just past it is some Tech Scrap laying on the ground. DO NOT head through the mesh door yet. Turn around to where you killed the Maintenance Bot and head left. There is some more Tech Scrap here and an Exo-Lift that doesn't work. Now head through the mesh door from before. You will see The Black Cerberus on the floor below giving instructions to his troops. There is a Security Door here and an Exo-Lift. Take the Exo-Lift down and and fight The Black Cerberus.   If you jump down before The Black Cerberus has finished his speech you can fight all of his troops AND Black Cerberus at the same time.

This isn't an overly difficult fight, but be sure to have a good amount of heals slotted. You'll want to dodge a lot and try to hit him with running attacks when you can, usually after he finishes a combo. Be careful because his combos are usually about 1 to 2 hits longer than you think they should be. If you back away too far he will shoot projectiles that stun you, almost assuring your death, so be sure to dodge if he does this. About every 20% health or so he will summon a P.A.X to fight you. This enemy fights just like the first boss, only he hits harder and takes more hits to bring down. You'll want to stay under him and not get stepped on. The Black Cerberus can be executed, so be sure to do so. He will drop the MG Judge if killed, and the MG Judge v2.0 if you focus on his right arm for the whole fight.

After defeating the boss, head into the room where he came from and head up the stairs to find some Tech Scrap and the Audiolog: Intercepted Transmission 82 - 3856945 on the Contact Station. Then head down and and find the Tech Scrap under the stairs here in a box. Break the mesh door and use the Overcharge (10) power conduit to unlock the Creo EX06 Security Rig, which will allow you acess to the Security Doors in the game as well as gives you 4 additional Implant slots, at the Operations Base. Head up the Exo-Lift. Open the door to open a shortcut to the Operations Base and then go equip the Creo EX06 Security Rig.

Head back to where you fought the boss and go up the Exo-Lift and use the Security Door there and head inside. You will find the Audiolog: Missing Office Supplies on the right-hand side. Defeat the enemy, who drops MG Cerberus Gear, and jump over the railing on the right. Pick up the Audiolog: Case File Dr. Chavez - Excerpt and break the mesh door. Head inside and defeat the drones here and pick up the Implant: Vital Injection v.5 and then head up the nearby Exo-Lift to Armory Ventilation.


Armory Tips/Notes

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