Shining Coin


Quest Items

Shining Coin is an Organizer in The Surge.


Shining Coin Details

“The metal is heavy amd the promimemt image of Iron Maus has been engraved on both sides. This can't be just a remnant of the past...”

 The Shining Coin can be used to unlock the IRONMOUS armor after the player defeats all five of the Smelter Machine mini bosses and finds a hidden door in the Central Processing B area. 



Shining Coin Notes & Tips

  • Dropped by Recycler minibosses
  • Recycling - one on the ground one drop by enemy





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    • Anonymous

      Shining Coin [The surge Wiki]20 May 2017 18:53  

      Yea this happen to me too, Shining Coin is gone nowhere to be seen and now I can't get IronMaus set

      • Anonymous

        20 May 2017 17:57  

        I had all 5 coins and used on the vending machine only took one coin off me and didn't open the secret door. Now it's bugged and refuses to accept the rest

        • Anonymous

          18 May 2017 23:31  

          So what are these actually for? Got them all in my first playthrough and ive just picked them all up again in NG+ and still cant work out what to do with them

          • Anonymous

            17 May 2017 21:06  

            Killed the 4th enemy that drops this, killed it, died to the toxic waste before I could pick it up and went back. Enemy gone, no coin anywhere, no coin in inventory. S.o.l. 3 coins in inventory and can't get the 4th one. Are there spare coins in the game? Any other way of getting the missing coin?

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