Shining Coin


Quest Items

Shining Coin is an Organizer in The Surge.


Shining Coin Details

β€œThe metal is heavy amd the promimemt image of Iron Maus has been engraved on both sides. This can't be just a remnant of the past...”

 The Shining Coin can be used to unlock the Iron Maus armor after the player defeats all five of the Smelter Machine mini bosses and finds a hidden door in the Central Processing B area. 



Shining Coin Notes & Tips

  • Dropped by Recycler minibosses
  • Recycling - one on the ground one drop by enemy





    • Anonymous

      Shining Coin [The surge Wiki]20 May 2017 18:53  

      Yea this happen to me too, Shining Coin is gone nowhere to be seen and now I can't get IronMaus set

      • Anonymous

        20 May 2017 17:57  

        I had all 5 coins and used on the vending machine only took one coin off me and didn't open the secret door. Now it's bugged and refuses to accept the rest

        • Anonymous

          18 May 2017 23:31  

          So what are these actually for? Got them all in my first playthrough and ive just picked them all up again in NG+ and still cant work out what to do with them

          • Anonymous

            17 May 2017 21:06  

            Killed the 4th enemy that drops this, killed it, died to the toxic waste before I could pick it up and went back. Enemy gone, no coin anywhere, no coin in inventory. S.o.l. 3 coins in inventory and can't get the 4th one. Are there spare coins in the game? Any other way of getting the missing coin?

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