Twin-rigged Weapons Information




 Attack Speed

 Proficiency Scaling

 Energy Gain

Base Damage

Yosuke Butterfly Low High Very Low +10% 14
MG Strigil Very Low High Low +25% 11
Mangled Articulators Low High Very High +15% 10
ROBOI Auto-Nailer Low High Medium +5% 12
S&R Jackdaw Very Low High High +10% 10
Firebug Throttle Low High High +5% 26
Firebug Throttle v2.0 Low High High +5% 24
b0_w1e_twin_blades B0-W1E Twin Blades Low High High +5% 22
b0_w1e_twin_blades_deluxe_edition B0-W1E Twin Blades - Deluxe Edition Low High Very High +15% 23
golden_twin_blades Golden Twin Blades Low High Very High +15% 62
Corroded Butterfly Very Low High Low +15% 14
CREO IP-75 'Inducer' Very Low High Medium +5% 12
Codename: Zarathustra Low High Very High +10% 13
Metamorphing Talons Low High Very High - 15
BioN_J-1 _Last_Aid BioN J-1 'Last Aid' Low High High +20% 10
Codename: Valkyrie Low High High +5% 15
Claws of the Gestalt Medium High Very High +20% 83


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    • Anonymous

      claws of gestalt is quite something. one hand is a sword and the other is half of a twin rig.
      the move set is somewhere in-between both weapons

      • Anonymous

        is it just me or is the inducer outclassed by the firebug... you get the firebug first though so it does have me confused

        • Anonymous

          after a while Gene Barrett will became a machine too (
          If you attack him and cut off his arm you can get a weapon called valkyria (

          • Anonymous

            Yeah there is, i haven't found them yet, but they are in the game and have also been showcased in the game video's, only way I've heard of getting them is from the new special enemy's in the new game+ mode.

            • Anonymous

              Isn't there also the "lynx" style twin rig claws? you can see them at the beginning of the game when you pick you rig

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