Claws of the Gestalt


Damage Damage


Impact Impact


Attack Speed Attack Speed


Single Rigged Proficiency Scaling

Very High

Energy Gain Energy Gain


Elemental Damage


Crush Damage


Slash Damage


Thrust Damage


Claws of the Gestalt is a Weapon in The Surge.


Claws of the Gestalt Information

“A nanite swarm surrounds this paired blade and claw, aggregating and dispersing in a pattern only it can truly know. Fortunately, it now seems to have lost the capacity to exert a conscious will. Faint echoes issue from the Claws of the Gestalt, imprints of the countless minds that jolted it into existence through an instantaneous shared moment of unimaginable pain, fear, and death. ”

Claws of the Gestalt Details

  • By far the best weapon in the game from a damage per second standpoint.
  • Probably the best weapon in the game overall.
  • Also has a pretty high impact for its speed.
  • Although classified as a twin-rigged weapon, the Claws of the Gestalt use a unique moveset more reminescent of one-handed weapons, though with some twin-rigged attacks (most notably, the vertical combo and the horizontal-vertical-vertical/vertical-vertical-horizontal kickflip)

Claws of the Gestalt Location

  • You can obtain Claws Of The Gestalt by defeating the boss Rogue Process by cutting off his sword-weapon-holding right arm in phase 2.
  • Failing to target (and subsequently dismember) his right arm for the entirety of phase 2 will get you his "easy" drop of the Mimetic Edge.  Considering that all you have to do is enable sticky limb targeting in the options and only attack his right arm, it's not any harder to get the Claws of the Gestalt.

Claws of the Gestalt Notes & Tips

  • Claws of the Gestalt are obtained as Mk. V
  • If you fail to cut off his right arm, do not reset your game. It will already be saved and you will appear in new game plus when starting up again. This will cause you to not be awarded the achievement / trophy for finishing the game.
  • Back up your save file instead if you are keen on getting this weapon.

Claws of the Gestalt Upgrade Table


Upgrade Cost


Prof 5 Damage

Prof 10 Damage

Prof 20 Damage

Prof 30 Damage

Prof 40 Damage

Mk. V







Mk. VI 14,833 9 83  96         
Mk. VII 27,342 9 97  112         
Mk. VIII 41,628 9 110  128         
Mk. IX 57,149 9 123  143         
Mk. X 26,850 3   159    245 302  
Mk. XV    3            
Mk. XX    3  354   504  654  804 954


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    • Anonymous

      It is classed as a Twin Rigged weapon, however it scales as ONE HANDED on both its, I have even switched the R1/R2 around to see if that changed anything...


      Long story short, levelling up twin rigged is a waste of time if you are trying to get the most out of this weapon.

      • Anonymous

        This is by far the best weapon in the game. Before i got this i used maxed out Spitfire 2.0 and it was awesome weapon, fast versatile and packed a punch. Then i equipped Claws of the Gestalt and havent looked back. It almost feels like cheating when you use it with Black Cerberus armor set, everything just melts before they can touch you. NG+++ and havent used any other weapon.

        Do yourself a favor and get this on your first playthrough, it turns you from bad ass to grim reaper.

        • Anonymous

          Evade forward->R1 is the same as One-Handed weapons which is faster than the regular twin-rigged, but any other moves are slowers, especialy R2 moves. The damage seem incredibly high for a twin rigged, but if you played with one-handed weapons you will see that it is in fact on par with one-handed, so not that much incredible in the end. The only good thing about this weapon is if you played the whole NG with the twin-rigged only and you want to change weapon while keeping your proficiency, then Gestalt is for you.

          • Anonymous

            Took me ages to get this weapon and was disappointed with it. Felt slow after using other twin rigged weapons. BUT then realised that the fast attack is on R2 right trigger, and not R1 right dumper. Awesome weapon! In NG+++ I'm doing over 650 damage! :)

            • Anonymous

              Pretty much easy to get, just focus in RP right arm the entire fight, then rip off the arm just like a normal enemy, i had no issues with that, also, this weapon is ridiculously powerfull, really, it just explodes every enemy i came across in NG+, i highly recomend this one, is a worth reward for the task.

              • Anonymous

                damn i failed to cut the arm eventhough i hit it all the time. ruined the whole thing damn it.. no way i am playing ng+ just to get this item.. what a disappointment-

                • Anonymous

                  i finally found a way to always get claws if i want to. the problem was my weapon (peacekeeper). fight the boss like you do normally. aim for his right (main weapon) arm. when the boss is ready for execution switch to a twin-rigged weapon and finish it. twin-rigged-execution on his right arm gets me the claws every time.

                  • Recently with the new DLC this weapon has been slightly nerfed. Its starting damage (Mk. V) is now 83 with elemental damage at 50 instead of 60, slash damage was buffed to 40, and thrust damage was nerfed to 31 instead of 37. These are just the starting stats but I will update this page regardless.

                    • I followed the process listed on the wiki page (kill both front "legs", and then one of the back ones), then focused all of my attacks on the arm listed as "right arm" in the limb selections, and I got the weapon with no problem.

                      • Anonymous

                        Damaged front legs, back legs, and cut off right arm (focusing on it the whole time) - no claws of gestalt. Super disappointing. This game is broken &(

                        • Anonymous

                          The main benefit of this weapon is its versatility.

                          Instead of horizontal attacks and vertical attacks, this one has a sword attack on the left click and claw attacks on the right click (though it should be noted that all finishers are sword-style).

                          And this is what makes it so good; you have much more control over you attack speed than with other weapons.

                          However, what makes the weapon an absolute beast is that the claw attack has the same stagger as the sword attack, meaning it stunlocks enemies like crazy and basically stunlocks armored hits as much as normal claws stun on unarmored hits

                          • Anonymous

                            I've seen quite a bit a confusion regarding this weapon, but I think I see how to properly get it after some research. I don't believe which arm you cut effects it as I've seen it drop from both the right and left. I believe in phase one you have to kill all four of Rouge Process' arms, then in the second phase just make sure all your damage is either going to right or left arm (only one, not both) to ensure you successfully cut the arm when the finisher is ready. Hope this helps anyone trying to get the weapon.

                            • Anonymous

                              moveset is much closer to onehanded weapon then twin rig.

                              think of it as a sword sprinkled with some twinrig within the sword combos.

                              • Anonymous

                                I find myself mildly disappointed that these things aren't actually claws - they're a paired sword and armblade, not proper two or three-bladed claws.

                                Come to think of it, I haven't found those claws that showed up in the combat trailer either. All of the twin-rigged weapons I've seen thus far have been either armblades like the Butterfly and Metamorphing Talons, or blunt weapons like the Inducer.

                                • Anonymous

                                  They can also be obtained by opening the security door in R&D(where the proteus enemies are) there will be chrysalis enemies in there with this weapon.

                                  • Anonymous

                                    Unlike other Twin-Rig weapons, this one has a sword and a rig weapon. It is slower despite having a high attack speed.
                                    **Like some other weapons, if you hold down the vertices or horizontal attacks you'll do a charge up hit with the sword part**

                                    • Anonymous

                                      Could be one of the strongest weapons in the game.

                                      I am using these maxed out in NG+ and I have 245 damage with them at MKX and level 20 Weapon Proficiency. My other wep is a MG Judge v2.0 at MKX and 23 Weapon Proficiency with 345 damage and the claws kill enemies so much faster, like way faster. They just melt everything I come across. The 3 legged robot dogs die in 1 combo, the Cerberus security heavies with the hammers die in 1 combo and get stunned the whole time. They are also incredibly effective against bosses and with an energy gain implant you will constantly have max energy to heal or do whatever.

                                      I cannot stress this enough. THEY ARE BEASTS.

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