Weakness Dodging, Fast Attacks
Weakness Dodging, Fast Attacks
Weakness: Block-Countering, Heavy Weapons

The MANTIS Zombie Worker is a DLC Enemy in The Surge.


MANTIS Zombie Worker Information

Commonly found in and around CREO World, these zombie workers are equipped with MANTIS Gear and are roughly as aggressive as a standard RHINO Zombie.

They come in three varieties - one equipped with a Chopmaster 5000, one equipped with the HUMI 248 'Emerald', and the last equipped with the ROBOI Auto-Nailer.

The Chopmaster-equipped zombies use standard Heavy-Duty movesets, and aside from getting backed into a corner, are reasonably easy to deal with.

The Auto-Nailer zombies are also similar to the standard twin-rigged zombies that you're used to, and while quick and well-armored in their MANTIS gear, aren't really particularly dangerous.

The Emerald-equipped zombies are a lot more aggressive, and will bang on their weapon when engaged and afterwards can "throw" the sawblade from their weapon at you.  The sawblade will travel along the ground at you and has moderate aiming capability, but still isn't particularly hard to dodge.  Once the saw blade has been thrown they will not be able to throw another one for a while, but their weapon will "sparkle" and does significantly more elemental damage.

MANTIS zombies are worth 180 Tech Scrap apiece.














RHINO Zombie Worker Location

Location Health Tech Scrap Respawn


MANTIS Zombie Worker Drops


MANTIS Zombie Worker Tips/Notes

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