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***** Ferguson! Eddy Bean
Central Production B, Resolve Assembly Line

FROM: E. Bean
TO: W. Boyd
SUBJECT: ***** Ferguson!

So Ferguson dumps us then it's all "Buddy, buddy come to my party!" ***** him!
Listen to this*****: "Hi pals, as you may know, next week is my birthday". Who does he thinks he is, after what he pulled! "There'll be tons of cake so bring your hunger to break area 12!"
Hope he chokes on it! First the drones, then John, and now the salaries. He got a screw loose if he thinks we'll forgive and forget, one of these days I'm going to grab my tools and tighten it for him!

Happy Birthday! Peggy Ferguson

FROM: P. Ferguson
TO: R. Ferguson
SUBJECT: Happy Birthday!

Happy birthday, little brother! Hope you're doing ok! We haven't heard from you in a while?
Is work taking over again? I know the added responsibility will take a while for you to get used to,
not really in your nature to be the "boss" man! Seriously though, we appreciate everything you're doing for us, don't think we don't, you're always in our thoughts and prayers. Mum misses you madly of course, her "wittle pumpkin"! We all miss you! Enjoy your party and the cake!
You're the best! Love, Peggy

Official Announcement: "Raging Drones" Rick Ferguson
Junior Production Manager, Central Production B

FROM: R. Ferguson
TO: Sector 12
SUBJECT: "Raging Drones"

To all Sector 12 employees. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but unlicensed gambling
violates federal and state law, and thus places CREO at a not insignificant risk of criminal charges
and liability. So all "Raging Drone" events are to be cancelled immediately. "Borrowed drones"
and other company equipment can be returned anonymously. Don't make me be the bad guy here!
I love a good drone fight as the next guy, but what we're doing here is too important to risk infractions of this nature. R. Ferguson

Operation Ferguson John Marcus Connelly
Lead production Manager

FROM: J. M. Connelly
TO: A. Levi
SUBJECT: Operation Ferguson

Trumped up little *****! Where does he get off on lecturing us about worker rights?
Unbearable, honestly. I knew this would happen, when they promoted him. Don't know what they
were thinking? Hey, why not promote every dumbass on the assembly line? Pedigree seem to count
for nothing these days. Heard the other dirtbirds hate him, too. Having him announce the last salary
cut and fire that old fart was a shrewd move, thanks for the tip. I'm going to enjoy turning his life
to*****, it's some small recompense for having to deal with him. I mean he even gets to use the
executive washroom and canteen, now I have to see his ugly mug when I eat and piss!

Reminder John Marcus Connelly
Lead production Manager

FROM: J. M. Connelly
TO: R. Ferguson
SUBJECT: Reminder

Mr. Ferguson. CREO is a company with a global reputation to uphold and the employees
under your supervision have not only broken company policy but also numerous federal laws.
Still, as you have repeatedly assured us of their reliability and are willing to answer for these
individuals, we have decided not to pursue this further. But be assured we will not accept any
future transgressions. As part of CREO's administrative team we know we can trust you on this matter.

These are plenty of "good" men out there in need of work. Something you should also remember. Sincerely, J. Connelly

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