Audiologs for The Surge are located on this page.


Audiologs and Locations

Name Location
Golden Ticket Assembly Halls, just to the right of the first enemy you defeat here in some grass
Chavez Assembly Halls, just outside the Main Assembly Hall shortcut back to the Assembly Halls.
Gear Assembly (Audiolog) Main Assembly Line - behind some breakable boxes, up the stairs near the miniboss.
The Liberator - Arrest Warrant Main Assembly Line - in the basement on a control consol.
Incidents Main Assembly Line - in the basement lying in a pool of dirty water.
Remain Vigilant Rocket Assembly Station - just up the Exo-Lift after defeating P.A.X
Waiting for Help Personnel Arrival - In the Operations Base after you get the power back online.
Failsafe Protocol 96:00:00 Material Depot - Right next to Dean Hobbs just down the stairs and through some boxes upon entering this area.
The Nightmare Begins Material Depot - On the ground just below and to the left of Dean Hobbs
Waiting in Ven Conveyor Hub - Near the shortcut to the Operations Base, across the piping where the lighting is red, up the ramp to the right.
***** Ferguson! Recycling - Contact Station inside the very first open room here.
Journey in the Dark Toxic Waste Disposal - Up some stairs next to a small room with a large machine
Official Announcement: "Raging Drones" Toxic Waste Maintenance - Contact Station just down the corridor.
New Supplies Toxic Waste Maintenance - Up the stairs to the left lying on corpse
Our Little Thief Waste Decontamination - Just after LU-74 "Firebug", up the Exo-Lift and then down the next one.
RE: What's Going On?? Resolve Biolabs - Operations Base
Resolve Waste Resolve Biolabs - In a room with an Exo-Lift that is a shortcut to the Operations Base.
Concerning Ed... Laboratories - On the ground near all the plants.
Help! Resolve Biolabs - Terminal here after using the Lockdown Terminal insie the Greenhouse
Dr. M. Chavez, #987 Pump Station - Next to Dr. Melissa Chavez on the table
Chaos Theory Personnel Arrival - In the Operations Base after you get the Encrypted Data Chip
Failsafe Protocol 00:00:19 Power Plant - In locked door that requires BOTEC Power Core to open.
Payload Irregularities Circulation Tower - Room with lots of enemies and blue lighting.
Happy Birthday! Resolve Chemical Refinery - On the ground just as you walk inside
Reminder Resolve Chemical Refinery - Down the stairs through the locked door on the Contact Station.
Dear Micky... Pressure Control - Inside BOTECS Power Core door right as you enter this area.
Reservations Restricted Area: Utopia Project - Contact Station just inside.
Nanite Protocols Nano Production Hall - Contact Station in large room after the pitch black area.
Behind the Curtain Nano Production Hall - Up the Exo-Lift in the dark area where the armored skeleton enemy type is.
Dr. Lawrence Murphy, Log #1 Unmapped Area / No Records Found - Contact Station just after you enter.
FW: Michael Shaw Restricted Projects - On Contact Station in large room.
Utopia Restricted Projects - On Contact Station in another large room.
RE: Echelon 9 Personnel Arrivals - Operations Base after speaking with Dr. Gene Berrett.
Dangerous Game Towering Eye - Inside the breakable mesh down to the right when you first enter.
Intercepted Transmission 82 - 3856945 Towering Eye - Contact Station after beating The Black Cerberus.
Missing Office Supplies Towering Eye - Through the Security Door here.
Deeper into the Burrow Towering Eye - Through the Security Door here and up the elevator.
Failsafe Protocol 97:17:04 Toxic Waste Maintenance - Inside Security Door here.
Farewell Personnel Arrival - On corpse after defeating The Black Cerberus.
FAILSAFE PROTOCOL 20:51:40 Research & Development - Contact Station inside the Security Door
Dr. Lawrence Murphy, Log #17 Research & Development - Contact Station inside the Security Door
Dr. Lawrence Murphy, Log #14 Research & Development - Contact Station inside the Security Door
RE: Michael Shaw Restricted Projects - Take the Exo-Lift up, via a mesh door.
RE: RE: Decision Still Pending?! CREO Executive Forum - at a Contact station.
The Liberator - Interrogation Excerpt Re-Education Camp - take Exo-Lift to enter.
FAILSAFE PROTOCOL 00:03:12 Server Room - at a Contact station.
Dr. Lawrence Murphy, Log #5

Floor 1 - Cargo - from operation base, head back to where you were but head upstairs.

Dr. Lawrence Murphy, Log #11

Floor 2 - Refueling - behind the containers near 2 difficult enemies.


Utopida Preparation Classified - at a Contact station.

Intercepted Transmission 83-1266548 Utopida Preparation Classified - Head upstairs from Contact station, found in a room with enemies.
Dr. Lawrence Murphy, Log #23 Utopida Preparation Classified -  head up the stairs from the passage behind missiles.
Dr. Lawrence Murphy, Log #8 Nitrogen Pump Station - down the stairs and up the Exo-Lift
Dr. Lawrence Murphy, Log #6 Floor 3 - Rapid Launch Control  - Head down the long Exo-Lift.

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