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Heavy-duty and Single-rigged weapons have more frames when blocking for a "perfectly timed block" aka "parry" (Twin-rigged been the worst for parry). But this build is not about Heavy-duty weapons.

The general idea behind this build is, obviously, to abuse the strenght of the Single-rigged block and riposte.

The best option when blocking a hit, is generaly to just R1. But sometimes, after a parry, the ennemy will get stagger far enough for the riposte R1 to not reach him. No problem, you have few secondes to walk toward the ennemy and trigger the riposte animation.
That been said, when you parry, the best option is to riposte with R2. R2 can combo into whatever combinaison you want, unlike the riposte R1. R2 riposte on arms canno't combo, regardless of the attack animation (slam or thrust).

Time to talk about the set gear. Single-rigged weapons are slow and consume a lot of stamina when attacking. So the LYNX set is the better option for that type of build.

After riposte R1, the ennemy staggered so much that renerating stamina shouldn't be a problem.

About the weapon choice. Obviously P.A.X. Imperator v2.0, and Codename: Engelhart for crush damage.
For elemental damage, I think the Codename: Elise is the best option because of the +10% HP that comes with it. Its energy generation is pretty low, but you should rely on blocking to generate energy, not attacks.
Then at the end, I think the Fractal Reaver should replace the P.A.X. v2.0. Even if the P.A.X. v2.0 generate a seismic shock after an attack that slam the ground. Like for the Heavy-duty weapons, special effects doesn't get triggered on riposte...

About the implant Kinetic-Converter v.3 : Blocking a hit from a Twin-rigged weapon generate 6 energy. 12 for One-handed and Staff. 18 for Heavy-duty and Single-rigged (but sometimes 12 [?]).
The implant stacks, so double the numbers when two are equiped.
Note : Parrying does not increases the energy gain (sadface).
Beware of the ennemies equiped with Twin-rigged weapons. I prefere been on the offensive against them.

A Walk in the Park : If you bought the DLC, the most interesting thing coming from it would be the mascot head. Those head gears still activate the bonus set making them useful for the drone's ability (-30% energy consumption).
When the Anti-Kinetic Shield is avaible, equiping the Head of Bradley the Bean would be the best option with the LYNX set.
Why this one in particular ? The lowest defense of the LYNX set is slash. The mascot head with the most slash defense is this one.
But compared to the Nano Ward head gear, the mascot head isn't worth it

So concretly, it should look like that :



Vital Boost v.1 and v.3
Two Vital Injection v.1
Aggression Amplifier v.1
Gyro-Stabilizer v.2
Kinetic-Converter v.3



+ Sunglasses

Three Vital Boost v.3
Two Vital Injection v.3
Aggression Amplifier v.1 and v.2
Gyro-Stabilizer v.2
Kinetic Converter v.3

Equiping the Sunglasses is better until the drone's ability Anti-Kinetic Shield is avaible. They improve damage on unarmored part and have more physical defense.



Three Vital Boost v.3
Two Vital Injection v.3
Aggression Amplifier v.1 and v.2
Endurance Enhancer v.5
Gyro-Stabilizer v.2
Kinetic Converter v.3



Two Vital Boost v.5 and one v.3
Three Vital Injection v.3
Two Aggression Amplifier v.1 and v.2
Endurance Enhancer v.5
Gyro-Stabilizer v.2
Kinetic Converter v.2


Nano Ward

CP85 +9

Ancillary Core XL
Three Vital Boost v.5
Two Vital Injection v.5
Aggression Amplifier v.1 and v.2
Endurance Enhancer v.3 and v.5
Velocity Array v.3
Three Kinetic Converter v.3

About the Nano Ward gear set bonus : reduces stamina costs bloking. Wich is basically the Gyro-Stabilizer effect (a little better). The effect of the implant stacks, but isn't needed.
The second effect is to create a nano-explosion when you parry. It's pretty dope.

Head gear comparison : The Nano Ward set increases damages against unarmored parts by 12% and makes the use of the Anti-Kinetic drone module easier. COST 8 CP !!!

Body gear : oof. +15% stamina consumption is kind of a big deal. That explain the addition of second Endurance Enhancer.

Arm gears : -6% ASPD. Meh. The "real" ASPD bonus was from the LYNX gear set bonus.

Leg gears : +20% stamina consumption for dodge. Kinda meh too. I almost never dodge with this build.

Now you may wonder : why the Velocity Array ? Considering the fact that the implant Rig Capacitor XL isn't equiped. Well, unlike for Heavy-duty which was meant to be aggressive ; this build does not need ASPD at the begining of an encounter.
With three Kinetic Converter, enough energy will be generate in only one block to activate the Velocity Array (maybe not against Twin-rigged).
Also, even if the Anti-Kinetic Shield brings the energy bar under 25, it's not a problem since this build doesn't require to attack but to block ; and blocking generate energy...

That's why I believe the Nano Ward set is the best gear for Single-rigged weapons.


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