Jonah Guttenberg


Jonah Guttenberg is an NPC in The Surge.



Jonah Guttenberg Location

  • Founder of CREO. You never specifically meet him during the game.




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    • Anonymous

      For some reason I always visualized him as Nicolas Cage, to the extent that I never realized that I hadn't actually seen him in the game

      • Anonymous

        In the server room where you meet Sally "in person" there is another server online at the other end of the row. Its initials are J.G.

        You never seen Jonah with your own eyes, every interview with him is on a broken screen.

        i don't think he lives. I think he's also an AI, possibly inserted into a frame like Irina was.

        He does have an office which you get an audio book from, which is why I think if he is corporeal then he is likely inserted into a frame.

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