Chrysalis Trooper

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The Chrysalis Trooper is an Enemy in The Surge.


Chrysalis Trooper Information

The Chrysalis Trooper is a humanoid enemy created by an individual merging with the nanite swarm that was mistakenly created during the Utopia Project. They can move extremely fast and move in ways humans cannot. They make distinctive inhuman clicking noises.

The Chrysalis Trooper is an agile combatant, one of the last and most dangerous enemies encountered in The Surge. It is unique from all other humanoid enemies in that instead of wearing armor, its form can harden into armor, and will do so if Warren targets one part repeatedly. However, this also means that is is never completely armored, and as a result, it can be quite delicate for its level if one changes targets often enough. As an added benefit, severing a body part will always produce the appropriate piece of Wrecked Chrysalis Gear, whether or not it was armored.

In addition to normal (and highly dangerous) attacks, the Chrysalis Trooper has access to a few unique ones:

  • Lengthen Blades: The Chrysalis Trooper stops at range and assumes a T-pose, lenghtening its blades. It's unclear what sort of benefit this gives, though increased damage and range seem likely. More importantly, not only does this move offer a good opportunity to close distance and launch and attack, doing so removes all of the Chrysalis' armor, including any it may have spawned with.
  • Helicopter Attack: The Chrysalis Trooper's preferred method of attack from long range, and only used after Lengthen Blades, the Chrysalis extends its arms then begins spinning rapidly in place, before dashing very quickly to Warren, still spinning. Being caught by the blades will deal damage. However, this is exclusively a high and highly telegraphed attack, making baiting it out to respond with a duck counter an excellent strategy.
  • Shoulder Rush: The Chrysalis Trooper strikes a pose (somewhat similar to 'the thinker'), before surging forward, then finally breaking the pose to launch an attack after a delay. Both the initial rush and the strike deal damage and have good tracking, making this a dangerous attack.


Chrysalis Trooper Location

Location Health Tech Scrap Respawn
Research and Development (Unmapped Area/No Records Found) ? ? Yes
Nucleus (Floor 1 - Cargo Area) ? ? Yes
Nucleus (Floor 2 - Refueling) ? 2295 Yes
Nucleus (Nitrogen Pump Station) ? ? Yes
Nucleus (Escape Assembly Point) ? ? Yes
Nucleus (Utopia Preparation Classified) ? ? Yes


Chrysalis Trooper Drops

Chrysalis Trooper Tips/Notes

  • While dangerous, the Chrysalis Trooper's AI is easy to exploit - let it see you or pull it with your drone. It will approach you, stop at maximum range to use Lengthen Blades and follow it with Helicopter Spin. Counter it with a duck counter, then attack its unarmored body while it's staggered and it'll be an easy kill.
  • Internally the Chrysalis Trooper is listed as a "Nano Mage"

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