Black Cerberus Arm Gear



Defense Defense


Stability Stability


Core Power Consumption Core Power Consumption


Impact Impact


Attack Speed Attack Speed


Elemental Defense


Crush Defense


Slash Defense


Thrust Defense


Black Cerberus Arm Gear is an Arm Gear in The Surge.


Black Cerberus Arm Gear details

"Cerberus is the ultimate in anti-personnel combat gear. CREO regrets that it is neceesary to maintain a trained paramilitary force, but the mission to save the Earth is too crucial to let idealism get in the way of operational security. This set of Cerberus gear has been customized with experimental components, authorized only for use by the ranking Security Chief."


Black Cerberus Arm Gear Location/ Where to find

  • Defeat Black Cerberus boss.
  • You must cut one of the arms to obtain the blueprint


Black Cerberus Arm Gear Tips & Notes


Black Cerberus Arm Gear Upgrade Table



 Upgrade Cost


Mk. I    
Mk. II     
Mk. III     
Mk. IV    
Mk. V 26,850  
Mk. VI 49,404  30
Mk. VII 65,514  33 
Mk. VIII 81,624  37 
Mk. IX 97,734 40 
Mk. X 26,850 43



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