Weapons in The Surge are the player's primary offensive option and will be varied in application. It is not yet known what the specific weapons are but this page will be updated as more information about the game is released.  Blueprints for weapons can be acquired by severing them off of an enemy. The components you need to build them can be found from exploring. There may be rare components you can only get by killing a particular enemy in a particular way, or have a few limited ones in specific scenarios like opening up a secret area or doing a certain thing like completing a big quest line.[1] 

In The Surge, all weapons fall into 2 categories Handheld Weapons and Rigged Weapons, and five sub-categories One-Handed Weapons, Staves, Heavy-duty Weapons, Single-rigged Weapons and Twin-rigged Weapons.


Single-rigged Weapons Information



 Attack Speed

 Proficiency Scaling

 Energy Gain


Volatile Spectre High Low Medium +45% 36
ASTir SpectreBite High Low Low +55% 49




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