Combat in The Surge will be dynamic and challenging. It will be in third person perspective, similar to Lords of the Fallen and Dark Souls and will feature sci-fi inspired Weapons and Armor. Players will be able to hack off the limbs of foes and then attach them to themselves. More info on the gameplay mechanics will be listed here when revealed.



  • Fast-paced, focused on dashes to dodge deadly attacks
  • Visceral, decisive "fatality" moves triggered by staggering or dismembering enemies
  • Stamina management is key. Stamina regeneration is affected by upgrades
  • Targeting a part of the enemy which is armored will deal less damage, but you will earn the opportunity to deal a finishing blow that will cut off the limb in-tact, allowing you to loot the spoils, gain blueprints, and tech-scrap used to level up your exoskeleton.
  • The Surge features vertical and horizontal attacks, which are used in combination with parry’s, ducks and jumps as well as a boosted dodge – courtesy of your exoskeleton – culminating in swift, snappy, precise combat situations 


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