Spirit Animal Zombie 


Single Rigged Variant


Twin Rigged Variant


Heavy Duty Variant

Single Rigged Variant Weakness

Faster Attacks/High Impact

Heavy Duty Variant Weakness 

Fast Attacks/Dodging

Twin Rigged Variant Weakness

Block-Countering/Heavy weapons/High Impact

Spirit Animal Zombie is an Enemy in The Surge.


Spirit Animal Zombie Information

There are three types of Spirit Animal Zombies but what seperates them is the weapons they use.
They all follow similar movesets to their weapon type counterparts. 

The three types are Single Rigged who are the same as Lynx Worker Zombie

Twin-Rigged who are the same as the Rhino Worker Zombie that uses the YOSUKE Butterfly

Heavy Duty who are the same as the Rhino Worker Zombie that uses the ENDAS RS3 'Titan'



Spirit Animal Zombie Location


Spirit Animal Zombie Drops



Spirit Animal Zombie Tips/Notes

  • Their Damage scales with the amount of Modifiers on.
  • They are basically the same as the standard enemies just different gear.


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