Westwolf Gear

Sentinel Class


Westwolf Gear is a DLC Gear Set in The Surge.


Westwolf Gear details

"A animalistic highlight from Rischboter's Rogue Collection™. This exclusive design was originally developed by ne of CREO's top taxidermists, after and during one of his most devastating mental breakdowns. Imbued with homemade magical tinctures and years of madness, this getup will unleash your inner wolf in a devastating manner*.

*Warning: Continuous exposure may result in Lupus. Please consult your doctor and/or shaman."


Westwolf Gear bonus

"Wearing a full set of Westwolf gear grants a high damage boost after a successful duck or hop attack."


Westwolf Gear Pieces


Westwolf Gear Location/ Where to find


Westwolf Gear Tips & Notes

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Gear Set
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    • Anonymous

      all right the bonus is double damage, lasting for 10 seconds but condition is ridiculous this move is very specific - i mean useless against certain enemies - and requires good practice, i say its just not worth it

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