Your Weapon Proficiency is the measure of how well you handle a class of weapon. As you level up your proficiency with a type of weapons through your regular use, you will be able to do more damage with that class of weapons to varying degrees. The amount of additional damage you will do from your proficiency with a given weapon is dependent on that specific weapon's Proficiency Scaling. A weapon with low damage at proficiency 1 but high proficiency scaling can become more powerful at proficiency 10 than a similar weapon with higher damage at proficiency 1 but with lower scaling (see : Volatile Spectre vs. ASTir SpecterBite).

Handheld Weapons





Rigged Weapons




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    • Anonymous

      base damage (of the weapon) + level of proficiency (of weapon type varies on proficiency stats low,mid,high and very high << the last give you more damage additional). so you only do more damage of that weapon type if your proficiency level is high. there is no max level of it. it may be the only way to surpass NG++++++++++++.... Happy grinding :D

      • Anonymous

        What does increased proficiency really do? More Dmg? Spd? Less Stamina use? More Energy gain? I want and need to know!

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