Waste Decontamination


Waste Decontamination is a Locations in The Surge.


Waste Decontamination Information

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Waste Decontamination Enemies


Waste Decontamination Items/Weapons/Gear


Waste Decontamination Walkthrough

The LU-74 "Firebug" is not an overly difficult fight and has 2 phases. During the first he really only has 2 attacks, a short whirlwind and a thrust with one leg. Simply avoid him when he whirls and run and slide and hit him, dodge his leg thrust and repeat until phase 2. In phase 2 he will do a flame attack right in front of him, he will charge you and he will do a long whirlwind attack. You want to again avoid the whirlwind and also the flame attack, dodge his charge and again slide an hit him. Dodge quickly to avoid him collapsing on you. You will acquire the weapon: Firebug Throttle for defeating him ( V2.0 if you sever all legs).

After defeating him, head up the Exo-Lift and head down the dark stairs below you to find some Tech Scrap. Head back up and open the door straight ahead, it'll open a shortuct to Toxic Waste Maintenance. Then turn around and head up the stairs and through the door at the opposite end. Take the Exo-Lift down to find the Audiolog: Our Little Thief and the weapon: SERU HSS BioMaster. Head down the corridor and take another Exo-Lift down, then go straight ahead and slightly to the right. The is a door at the end of this hallway that is a shortcut to Decontamination Access, which is just before LU-74 "Firebug". Then double back and go straight when you come out of the hallway, to the opposite end (the very large door that says Circulation Tower requires you to have the BOTECS Power Core, which you will get later in the game). This will take you to the train to Resolve Biolabs, be sure to pick up the Tech Scrap in the corner near the train.


Waste Decontamination Tips/Notes

  • Toxic spills deal elemental damage.
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