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 Increases attack speed when energy is >=25

Velocity Array Mk.3 is an Implant in The Surge.


Velocity Array Mk.3 Details

Increases attack speed when energy is high.

“Intended for employees who find themselves generating more energy than they need, Velocity Arrays only activate in the presence of a significant energy surplus. Velocity Arrays link with Force Regulators found in CREO arm-gear, reducing the activation time of quick or sudden movements.”



Velocity Array Mk.3 Location/ Where to find

  • Central Production B, next to the ExoLift shortcut between Builder Service Access and Material Depot, unlocked just before the 3rd boss at the end of the second visit to Central Production. Can be seen to the left above the walkway after exiting Ops and proceeding through the door on the left into Material Depot (right next to the security checkpoint with the two guards and above the drop down to the hallway where Hobbs is first encountered) very early on in Central Production, but can't be reached until much later.


Velocity Array Mk.3 Notes & Tips

  • Increases attack speed by roughly 50%? while the player's current energy is >=25. Applies the same effect as the LYNX gear's set bonus, and consequently they do not stack with each other, but the trigger for the implant is much easier to maintain than LYNX's HP >= 80% and has fewer downsides (1 medium-cost implant slot vs 6 very mediocre armor slots).
  • An incredibly powerful implant, the slow Heavy-Duty and Single-Rigged weapons will get the most benefit from this but all weapons will see drastic improvement. Strongly recommended for virtually any build in The Surge, the main exceptions being those that will make use of the LYNX gear's set bonus anyway.
  • Contrary to the implant's flavor text, the energy required to activate it is in fact not very significant, being the same as the cost to execute an enemy. Implanting a Rig Capacitor and enough energy boosts to have 125 or more maximum energy (or more/stronger Rig Capacitors with a lower maximum, the threshold simply being whatever max equates to 25 or more with your minimum energy percentage) prevents energy from naturally decaying beyond this point, making the implant's effect semi-permanent, only ended if the player manually uses too much energy, gets hit by an EMP, or dies. Ideally combined with one or more Voltaic Dynamos to allow the player to gain enough energy to still use drone skills/injectables/executes without falling below the threshold.





    • Anonymous

      14 Aug 2019 09:54  

      Lynx and this implant DO stack, attack speeds are noticeably different when the implant is active while lynx is equipped with full hp.

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