Utopia Preparation Classified


Utopia Preparation Classified is a Location in The Surge.


Utopia Preparation Classified NPCs

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Utopia Preparation Classified Enemies

Utopia Preparation Classified Items/Weapons/Gear


Utopia Preparation Classified Walkthrough

Defeat the enemies inside and loot the Audiolog: Package Delivery near the Nanite Calibration Control (you can use this to upload the virus into the missile or not). Then use the Contact Station to get the Audiolog: FAILSAFE PROTOCOL 14:32:57. Head upstairs and defeat the enemies in the room there. Loot the Audiolog: Intercepted Transmission 83-1266548. Use the door control and defeat the enemy here and loot the Tech Scrap behind him. Then head back, break the mesh door here and go down the Exo-Lift to find an Overcharge (30) power conduit which will reveal a passage behind the missile in the main room. Pick up the Tech Scrap there and head up the stairs on the left to Nucleus - Launchpad 02 (Restricted Access). Head forward to find the Audiolog: Dr. Lawrence Murphy, Log #23 and the weapon: Codename: Gotterdammerung. Then double back and head to the Operations Base.

As you leave the Operations Base, head right then right again and head past it to the left to find an enemy guarding the Implant: Endurance Enhancer v.5. Continue down the stairs past that to fight two enemies. Open the door to head into the Nitrogen Pump Station. Switch on your gear light and be careful not to fall to your death. There is an Implant: Vanadium E-Cell v.5 in some breakable boxes here. Head right, down the stairs and up the Exo-Lift to find the Audiolog: Dr. Lawrence Murphy, Log #8. Head forward and loot the Tech Scrap and defeat the enemies. Head up the lift and into Escape Assembly Point.


Utopia Preparation Classified Tips/Notes

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