Totem Wolf

Weakness Slashing/Elemental

Totem Wolf is a DLC Boss in The Surge.
He was added with the The Good, the Bad, and the Augmented DLC.  


Totem Wolf Location

  • Episode 1 Last stage (Tamahaac)
  • Episode 5 Last stage (Pattern Rifle)
  • Episode 9 Last stage


Totem Wolf Drop

 To get the Hardcore kill you need at least 2-3 Modifiers on!

Totem Wolf Strategy

  • Totem wolf isn't particularly fast, but he uses high damage long-chain combos, it's easiest to just stay away from him while he's mid-combo and then slide-attack right after he finishes a lunge.  The real threat in most of his fights is all the other things going on in the arena with you.



Totem Wolf Tips/Notes

  • ??


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