Tactile Omni-Boost v.3




Core Power Consumption








Tactile Omni-Boost v.3 is an Implant in The Surge.


Tactile Omni-Boost v.3 Details

“Increases weapon proficiency and proficiency gain with one-handed weapons, staffs, and heavy-duty weapons.

A deceptively complex piece of technology, the Tactile Omni-Boost increases the sensitivity and response speed of manual movements by increasing electrical activity in the cerebellum. In the case of tremors, dizziness, or loss of equilibrium, discontinue use immediately and file a bug report with the Employee Satisfaction Department.”



Tactile Omni-Boost v.3 Location/ Where to find

  • Circulation Tower - after the Resolve Chemical Refinery area, you will pass a Don Hackett commercial to the left. Go up the stairs ahead to where you find Irina Beckette for the second time. Across from her, there is a yellow rail with a large pipe in front of it. Jump over the rail and follow the pipe to an opening in the wall.
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Tactile Omni-Boost v.3 Notes & Tips

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