Stealthy Assassin Gear

Goliath Class

Stealthy Assassin Gear is a DLC Gear Set in The Surge.


Stealthy Assassin Gear Details

"A sneaky highlight from Rishboter's Rogue Collection™. Want to stay in the shadows? Cloak your identity while dispensing self-righteous renegade justice? Now you can maim, mangle and massacre scum to your heart's content while keeping your face - and assorted body parts - where they belong: well out of sight!"


Stealthy Assassin Gear Bonus

"Wearing a full set of Stealthy Assassin gear grants healing after cutting limbs and allows to heal above full health."


Stealthy Assassin Gear Pieces


Stealthy Assassin Gear Location/Where To Find

DLC - The Good, The Bad and The Augmented

  • Drops from Undertaker Boss in Episode 3/7/9 WITHOUT Modifiers.
  • Drops from Enemies in Episode 3/7/9 WITH Modifiers.
  • Head sometimes appears on Enemies in Episode 3/7/9 WITHOUT Modifiers.


Stealthy Assassin Gear Tips & Notes

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