Maximum stamina can be increased with the implant type Endurance Enhancer.

Stamina regeneration can be improved with the implant Endurance Array v.3 and by the MG Gorgon gear set bonus.


Stamina comsuption can be modified by body gears.

Stamina consumption for running and dodging can be modified by leg gears.

Stamina consumption for dodging can be reduced with the implant type Pneumatic Calibrator.


Here is a list of the action using stamina and their cost (without modificator [can vary from 1 for unknow reason]) :

  • Running
  • Running jump : 25
  • Attacking : Depend on the weapon type. Consumption can be reduced by attacking with the good timing.
  • "Backstab" animation : 20
  • Dodging : 20
  • Blocking : 10
  • Jumping (after block) : 10
  • Ducking (after block) : 10

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